here we go, Day 2 of officially, deliberately becoming my Higher Self permanently. (woot woot!!)

Such an interesting concept for me because I’ve always assumed that, “yes of course I can tune IN to my Higher Self anytime and on the reg. My Higher Self is alwayyyys available for me” but there’s always been that slight feeling of separation. Like, “it’s just ahead, Madeline! Keep reaching for her.”

When you do tap in to your Higher Self, when you do get the download, when you do get the guidance, there you are. Connected! 1:1 with your Higher Self. When you are connected, you are, in that moment BEING your Higher Self.

Zero degrees of separation.

PLUS! You are now vibrating and training ever molecule in your body to BECOME state more and more.

Trés cool. <3

Every time you connect, every time you ask for the download, every time you pause to tune in, you are BEING and training to BE your Higher Self permanently.

When you’re doing the damn thing, you’re going to discover all the reasons why you’re not already that version of yourself right now. And, honestly, that’s probably going to piss you off.

Your shortcomings are going to become glaringly obvious. You don’t get the easy way out anymore, love. The excuse of, well I’m just human doesn’t fly.

Of course you are human and of course you get to learn and grow and fall and trip and make decisions that aren’t of your Highest Good and Highest Self, but you don’t get to keep making those mistakes.

because then it’s no longer a mistake. You’re just not truly committed.

a mistake is a mistake because you didn’t realize what you were doing.

a mistake is not a mistake when you know full well wtf you’re doing. That’s called a decision.

I have compassion for this, though, because I know how irritating it can be when you really believe you’re right for being annoyed and NOT your Highest Self, and yet, you still know you have to change your vibe/take the higher road.

For example, this is what happened to me on Day 1 of my training.

To preface this, let me just tell you that I like to get to things and places and to the point QUICKLY. I have a lot of fire in my Soul. I can go to 0-100 in seconds. I love the rush, I love the intensity, and I also like to drive fast. I reallllllly don’t like it when I’m on roll, driving smoothly on my way to somewhere when, all of sudden, someone pulls up in front of me, going half the speed limit. Every part of me tenses up and is sooooo triggered and just wants to shout “WTF MAN!?.”

Naturally, this happened to me in spades yesterday and so I got many opportunities to practice LOVING the sh** out of the people and situations that used to really irritate me. I know this may sound like a silly example but it’s harder than you think. Try moving into appreciation when someone or something is seriously bothering you.

Maybe it’s not slow drivers, maybe it’s being stuck in traffic, or catching all the red lights (ahem dad), or people that chew loudly, or mouth breathers, or people that are super happy (I annoy people with my happiness apparently). You know your triggers. Try being your Highest Self in those situations and you will know what I mean.

This was my first lesson ~

I tuned in at the moment when I felt the most triggered, most annoyed, and most like “WTF?? Moooovveee!!”

And I asked to see the situation as my Higher Self.

Immediately, I got a vision of this beautiful woman smiling and laughing at me. It immediately lifted my vibe and it put into perspective just what was happening. I was throwing a hissy fit because I wasn’t getting my way. Things were not going as I wanted them to.

After I received the vision, I heard, “you will pass them and then let it go.”

Simple enough. Just pass them, if you can, and then release it. I don’t need to keep thinking about it or being pissy about it. Let it go. Let it be the past. Think about something else.

Bless & release.

Easy enough for my Higher Self. My personality, on the other hand, wanted to justify my irritation. My personality wanted to spend more time griping about “why do people drive like this. So unaware of others?!” My personality didn’t want to laugh at this but my Higher Self did. My Higher Self was lovvviinnggg that this was happening. She saw how much good was occurring within me because of this lesson. My Higher Self loved the whole situation. My Higher Self knew, that if I learned the lesson, if I chose the path of Love & Light, the path of Bless & Release, I would be forever changed.

And I was.

I was that much closer to my Higher Self and that much more aware of how I had been letting little things close my heart. I know, the ultimate truth is that, whenever you close your heart, or become jaded, bitter, resentful, dark…you hurt yourself the most. You stop the flow and the blessings and the total abundance that will come to you in SPADES if you simply were to just bless, release, and move tf on with gratitude in your heart for the experience.

Lesson learned.

I’m loving this journey so much.