I am super gung-ho about increasing my spiritual powers right now.

I’ve been CONSCIOUSLY manifesting some cool shit for about a decade and I can feel that it’s time for me to up-level. I know there is more to discover. I know I have more growing to do and I’m so so sooo excited about this!

by the way, there’s always always always more growing for you because you never ever get it done.

So, it’s not actually about getting it done…it really is about being on your mutha-loving journey. One step at a time. Loving it ALL. Learning from it all. Growing from it all.

So what is this being your Higher Self permanently all about, you ask? To me, it’s really about continuing to drop the BS. It’s about coming clean and open and real about who I am, what I know, believe, desire, and require for my well-being.

In short, it’s totally about unleashing my Soul.

and right now, at least, it’s about surrender.

My first step to becoming my Higher Self permanently is surrendering that there’s anything I’m missing or lacking and just trusting exactly where I’m at. Everything I need to know right now is being revealed to me in this moment.

I’m not chasing some carrot dangling in front of me. I’m not being swayed or distracted by shiny bright objects. I’m not assuming I’m doing anything wrong or missing any piece to the puzzle. And I’m certainly not caring if anyone else gets me.

I trust where I’m at.

I trust the steps being given to me.

I trust EVERY single step.

Even the steps that feel wobbly and off-balance or the steps that don’t quite give me the outcome I may want.

I trust those too.

because somehow, some way, they’re an extremely important part of my path.

Every conscious breath I take, every affirmation, every desire, every manifestation, every sign, it’s all important for me to be experiencing.

I’m surrendering the trying so hard to be somewhere I’m not. I’m surrendering the fight. I know, without a doubt, anytime I tried SO HARD for a win, for a specific result, for a person, I ended up pushing it away.

Every time I was relaxed, detached, surrendered, and in TOTAL trust of the whole damn thing, that’s when it all flowed so effortlessly.

((BTW~~I just spoke more about the paradox of releasing to receive over on my Facebook, (check it out here, lover).))

And that’s not to say that I don’t desire things and want things and take inspired action. Believe you me, I do the damn work but I’m also super conscious of when I’m in the flow versus when I’m pushing too hard.

My journey to being my Higher Self permanently is going to change my life radically. I know this.

What I expect, how I think, what I feel, what I manifest, and how I flow is going to change.

My environment is going to change.

My desires are going to change.

The way I see myself and others is going to change.

And my power is going to change.

It’s going to be awesome.

So for today, I’m starting by getting happy, grateful, and in total acceptance about right now.

because you cannot get to a happy destination from an unhappy journey.

I’m choosing to trust where I’m at.

I’m choosing to know that everything is unfolding perfectly for me….and you.

All we have to do is get up and keep walking.

Keep making the choices that feel expansive.

Keep doing the things that will allow you to fall asleep proud AF tonight.

keep choosing to expand yourself

Choose the beliefs that serve you and refuse to buy into constrictive or contractive beliefs.

Live the life you damn well know you’re meant to be living.

This is alignment living, baby.

and it starts right now!

Let’s go~~~