We live in a universe of polarity.

Two sides to every coin.

The side you are resonating most strongly with is the side that will manifest all around you.

This whole reality thing isn’t so real.

Nothing is set in stone.

What we see as dense and solid is actually mostly space and moving particles.

Always swirling, moving, & transforming.

transforming all around you, beautiful soul.

do not be dismayed when it appears that things aren’t going your way for things are not quite as they seem here. ;)

and so perhaps

the trick isn’t to believe in what you see

but to start believing in what you CAN’T yet see.

but you feel.

Start creating the energetic reality that you want to see come alive in this physical realm.

Start telling yourself stories like, “omg, I know things are falling into place.”

I can’t wait to see how this all works out for me.

I am doing so well.

I am excited about what’s to come.

I know God is in my corner working out all the details.

I am completely and absolutely safe in this universe.

I know this world is shifting and re-constructing FOR me, it’s ALL working FOR me.

And although I may not understand right now…

And although I may actually even feel fear…

or hopelessness

or have some serious doubts about how this could all possibly work out in my favor…

there is a deeper, wiser part of me that just knows.

I know that there is so much going on behind the scenes right now.

I don’t need to understand how it’s all going to work out.

I just need to be an energetic match FOR it all working out.

Remember always ~ this is a universe of polarity.

Two sides to every coin.

And so your power is to decide which side of the coin are an energetic match to.

Abundance or lack.

Love or pain.

Excitement or apathy.

As you train your energy to align with the vibration of love, miracles, magic, overflow, ease, fun, trust, wisdom, growth, & expansion, you will see that energy manifest as REALITY in your life sooner than later.

Start vibing with the story of, “all the parts & particles are moving FOR ME right now, the pieces are coming into place, my people are getting in position, the timing is lining up, amazing & miraculous opportunities are opening, & MY path is being made right this very moment!!”

This is so much more than positive thinking.

This is energy alignment.

This is reality creation

This is how you were meant to use your mind and imagination.

To serve you! Not to scare you

Watch how things start to line up for you when you begin to tell this new story.

Watch how opportunities come out of nowhere, when you start to believe in them.

Watch how your whole life changes, step-by-step, day-by-day, as you line up your mind, body, & energy to the side of this universe that is brimming with love, abundance, & unlimited possibilities.

It is lovely and magical world we live in.

and all that you desire is making it’s way to you.

don’t give up~

Things are not always as they seem ;)


p.s. stay tuned!!

because I know this year you’ve done a hella lotta work on YOU. I see you workin’ on that self-love & soul work. You’ve been learning, and growing, and TRANSFORMING so much this year. And now….now it’s time that you get rewarded for allllll a dat! You deserve to experience the absolute luxury & high-vibe bliss of this universe. I’m going to be teaching how you can line up with the you 2.0 that gets to not only be that beautiful soul with the heart of gold, but ALSO manifest the epic wealth, happiness, and life that gets to come along with it.

You really can have it all, love. Stay tuned for more ;D