Ariana Grande is clearly woke af., “thank u, next”

For those of you who are also woke af, you get this. You see exactly how powerful this song is.

It’s more than just a song…it’s the spiritual process of alchemy.

it’s turning shit into gold

it’s based in pure love & light & wisdom & divine order.

You can actually use this song to forgive, let go, alchemize, and ascend through any situation.

relationship woes, money issues, confidence issues…

let’s dissect this song so you can learn how to how apply it to whatever you want to turn to absolute gold in your life.

1) Reflection/Self-Awareness ~ what’s going on. Where are you at. What’s the truth of the situation. ~ “thought I’d end up with sean, but it wasn’t a match…”

2) What were the lessons ~ “one taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain, now I’m so amazing. I’ve loved and I’ve lost but that’s not what I see. So look what I got, look what you taught me.”

3) Gratitude ~ “Thank you, next” ~ Gratitude is the highest vibe in the universe. It alchemizes everything. It puts you in your heart…which is your superpower. It puts you into magnetism. INTENSE magnetism. Being your heart pulls good shit in like you wouldn’t believe. It changes the way you feel about the past, it changes the way you feel about the present, it changes the future you begin to move towards.

It puts you on a different frequency than pain or anger or resentment.

It opens up a new door for you. It gets you in prime position for brand new opportunities.

4) Letting go/Keeping In your Flow/Moving Forward ~ “Thank u, next!”

This is so important. You did not come here to get stuck in the past. You’ve come through this experience to conquer it.

to learn from it

to ascend from it

because that’s how you grow

that’s how you open up to more and better

All the good stuff is still coming in, it’s not behind you.

it can only come in when you stay in your flow.

trusting your path. trusting your next steps. and trusting that it’s only getting better.


Wherever you’re at, whatever you may be going through, if you can bring in the energy of wisdom & appreciation & surrender into the mix, you will transmute anything. It will elevate you.

It will reorganize every molecule & every atom in your field into it’s highest vibration.

It will create order out of chaos. It will draw out the wisdom from pain. It will create beauty from tragedy.

It’s not a logical process either. It’s all in the energy. It’s not something you can figure out, it’s something you align with.

But it can be challenging. Oh lawds, I’m not saying it’s always easy. In fact this process IS THE challenege for us here on earth.

Learning to love no matter what. To find the gift no matter what. The lesson no matter what. The blessing no matter what. That is our greatest spiritual challenge.

Always tune back into Soul no matter what because, ultimately, YOU are the source and reason behind what gets to come next.

You are pure magic, darling.

All my love ~