You wanna live your Divine Purpose??

That’s what you’re here for. That’s what we’re ALL here for and especially now. There has been a wave of energy/a higher vibration of light that has been moving through our galaxy and it’s hit critical mass. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

I’m talking increased telepathic experiences

More and more people waking up to Truth.

Being curious about Spiritual Truths, universal wisdom, SOUL, etc.

Greater insights.

And the big one…the deep DEEP longing and knowing that’s it’s TIME TO LIVE THE DAMN LIFE THAT YOU CAME HERE FOR.

You came for a time such a this.

You knew what was going on and you knew what you were jumping into.

and now it’s time

this is your call, baby!

wake up sleepy head ;)

When you jump into your purpose, when you jump into SOUL ALIGNMENT..that’s when ALL THE THINGS come to you.

Wanna know a cool (not so secret) secret about manifestation?

it really is all about alignment. #mindblown

Errrything is all about getting back to that Source energy.

The more you living struggle, the more disconnected/out of sync with your SOUL you are. Conversely, the more ease and flow you are experiencing, the more aligned you are with your Soul.

easy peezy, super simple

What lots and lots of us are working against right now is the fact that we don’t BELIEVE THAT. We got lots of conditioning around what we should be doing, and what living right should look like.

You should be a good little girl and speak like this, look like this, do this career, go to this school, blah blah blah.

and not as much conditioning around how to TUNE IN to Soul and start being guided by Spirit.

~by inuition

~by HEART.

You get what I’m saying?

and it’s just so funny because we’re working backwards and wondering why what we thought was the way doesn’t seem to be working…. or fulfilling.

It’s like the carrot keeps dangling right in front us, always just out of reach.

And so let’s talk about this concept specifically with money.

because there are lots of misunderstandings about money, lots of fears, and so much confusion.

and I’ve been there done that.

Your first step with the monies (and all things) is to begin thinking about it from INSIDE the vortex. Inside SOUL. FROM alignment.

When you can detach from what’s happening outside of you, when you can detach from what your bank account says, your salary says, your bills say, what other people say and you instead, shut that world down, tune in, and start asking questions from SOUL, EVERYTHING starts to make sense.

isn’t that the sign of genius? making complicated things seem simple?

Well that’s the power of thinking from inside the Vortex.

When you start tuning into the energy of abundance and flow and knowing that you are ridiculously, stupid wealthy, and the energy of money is literally flowing all around you at warp speed, THAT’S when your path lights up. That’s when the things come in.

that’s when you align

So how do you get INTO that space of alignment where things are just flowing and the cash money aint no thang?


you see, it all comes back to SOUL


one in the same

I talked about this briefly yesterday on my Livestream but as an example, I do what I do because of I love it. My purpose is right now is the ENERGY, the FEELING I get when I teach, write, speak, and channel.

My purpose is NOT teaching, writing, speaking, channeling..per say. That’s just the form that allows me to move the energy of joy & expansion through me.

If, one day, teaching, speaking, writing doesn’t move that energy through me…I will gravitate towards what does.

For you…to begin tapping into your Purpose, don’t get so caught up in the FORM too early. Don’t start with trying to figure out how it has to look. SEEK THE FEELING. What are the things that make you come alive? That feel expansive and fun and interesting and just like, “oh hells yes this is so f#$*ing cool!”

because THAT’S your purpose, love.

and I’m dropping a bonus about PURPOSE & tapping into your life Path and Soul desires in MY NEWEST PROGRAM, which I’m super stoked about!! Check it out here (Get yo money, honey!)

but for now~ I want to give you this golden tidbit.

You are here to live your Purpose

You are here for ridiculous amounts of joy

and the money and resources you need and desire to live that ridiculous amount of joy will be MAGNETIZED..literally…when you jump into alignment.

If, right now, you are trying to create something and it’s a constant struggle, FEELS like hard work, or like you’re forcing things to come into place, THAT AINT YO THING, BOO.

you aren’t listening.

Obstacles DO arise along the way of the Soul path but those obstacles are always about growth, strengthening resolve, and giving you absolute clarity. If you are continuing to run into invisible walls, closed doors, and paths being shut down, if you are feeling exhausted & drained, or you feel like you’re only doing this because YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE, stop!! IMMEDIATELY.

The universe is trying to redirect you.

Nothing you want is upstream. Everything you want is downstream

Flowing WITH the universe and the massive wave of Love & Light that is passing through our galaxy at this very moment.

Let it carry you, love. Stop making life so freaking hard. Drop the story, drop the struggle, drop the baggage, and just start new.

Live your purpose and MAKE THAT MONEY, HONEY!! ;P

Seriously though, it’s time you tapped into what’s available and ready for you right now. Check out my newest program that starts NEXT WEEK and goes alll the Spiritual truth about money and so much more.

It’s about SOUL work, PURPOSE, self-discovery, and guiding you back to YOUR path….

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