Isn’t it funny how life works. The moments when you really want and need someone…they’re not there.

And then..

The moments that you are doing fine & dandy on your own, that’s when ALL THE THINGS show up.

And you’re left wondering…”where tf were you when I needed you!?!” lol

And that’s the funny thing about the Law of Attraction.

That’s the paradox of this universe.

When you feel like you need it, you’re in a vibration of not having it.

And then, therefore, you will not have it. You cannot. That’s the Law. Being the energy of having creates more. Being in the space of not having, creates less and less.

So…for you, my young Padawan..

Where are you gripping something tightly? Trying to control it, keep it, not lose it…

Where is fear of losing this thing or not having this thing taking over your mind, your emotions, your actions, and your REALITY?

and then..


what would happen if you just chose to believe that you’re ok.

no matter what.

It’s going to work and that’s just the way it is. For now and evermore.

What if you made a very deliberate decision to NOT vibrate in fear?

Or lack?

What if you finally and permanently stood up to the lie that you don’t have the ability to be, do have anything?


What if you actually trusted your Self.

What if you just decided to know that this universe really does have your back?

and that whenever you have the opportunity to let something go

it’s because it’s for your highest good.

You know the paradox is that, the tighter you hold on to a thing, the more that thing actually has a hold on you.

The more we try to hold on to a person, to money, to success, to the validation or praise of others,

the more elusive it becomes

The harder it is to hold on to.

The more fear we have around losing, the more chances our soul will give us to learn this lesson.

It’s not the money that makes you secure, it is your sense of absolute security that brings in the money

It isn’t the person that gives you the love, it is your love that calls in the dream relationship

Your reality is a projection of what is going on in your heart.

When you get tested, when you move into contrast, it’s like the final exam.

It’s game day

It’s time to put everything you know to be true and have programmed and implanted into your brain to the test.

It’s time to back yourself up.

It’s time to believe in your power

in the power of God

In the perfection of this universe

this is your chance to see for yourself, how powerful you are.

Are you ready to trust fall?

It’s scary as hell sometimes but the only way to move past the lesson is to move through it.

Fear not losing anything, for what you hold tightly will surely slip your fingers.

And when you learn that it’s safe to let things go, that’s when everything you want begins to come in.

get it??

Chill & let it flow, baby. :)

you are safe~ and you are loved.

Check out my meditation for getting back in your FLOW and into ease & your Divine Guidance where everything comes to you!!