When you’re not ashamed to be who you are.

When you’re not afraid to speak up for yourself.

And put yourself out there.

When you rally around your unique gifts.

AND/OR…..even when you ARE scared to put out your message//your creation//your art

you do it anyway

because it’s who you are..and you must.

because that message was divinely appointed to you.

When you do this, you are allowing the source, the power, the energy of GOD, the energy that creates worlds to flow through.

the language of light

the language OF LOVE

the code of LIFE ITSELF

What could possibly be better??? greater?? more powerful than THAT?!

That is the energy of bliss

That is the state of abundance

That is SOUL, baby.




not hiding, shrinking, changing

it’s just YOU.


the you that you are when no on else is around

the you that you are when you’re at your happiest

the you that you are when you the most FREE!

the you that you are when you are your most radiant

baby love, that is YOU

that is SOUL


that is POWER

that is the force, the life, the energy, the energy of GOD.

the love of SOURCE pouring through you

why do you back away from it???

why do you still fret about the little things?

the outside things

be still for a minute & tune in

what would I be doing….

if fear weren’t allowed in?

if i were truly being myself?

if i didn’t have to figure anything out?

if i fully backed myself?

that’s your alignment, love.

That’s where all the goodies come from.

tune in

and remind yourself

that you can have it all.

you have what it takes

what you have to offer is enough

you are divine

and your message, your art, your calling, your SOUL is sacred.

and then..

act accordingly.


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