feeling better

finding your center

remembering who you really are









we all forget that from time to time.

we forget that the joy, the peace, the clarity, the comfort that we’re seeking is right there within reach.

within us

waiting to embrace us and whisper sweet nothings in our ear.

it’s there with the click of our fingers and a re-direction of our thoughts


you can return home.

you do it when you shift towards gratitude

you do it when you remember that where you’re going is not even comparable to where you’ve been.

you could not have fathomed your life today years ago

or even a month ago

the friends

the growth

the adventures

it always keeps getting better

you always find your way

you always figure it out

you always will

When I can, I love looking up into the stars at night, wondering if they’re the same stars I used to gaze at when I was kid.

They feel the same

they look the same

but yet…like me, I know they’re not

but there they are

always there

always shining

always mesmerizing

so to is your Soul

your love

the peace you seek

it’s right there with you


~All the love is right here for you~

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