Forgiveness is magic.. it really is

It’s emotional and spiritual alchemy.

It’s also the process for restoring someone’s humanity…

When we hold onto anger, or hatred, or resentment, we are seeing someone as an object, as this thing that is bad, wrong, immoral, and has some kind of emotional power over us.

instead of seeing them for what they really are….a f*&king human.

and I think many people, rightfully so, struggle with forgiving because beneath the anger/resentment/grudge is a fear that we are powerless to this situation.

We think the anger is protecting us some way.

From that person.

From experiencing the situation again.

Or we feel like it would be dishonoring & disrespecting to ourselves to not be angry.

And that has some truth.

Because there is nothing wrong with being angry

The emotion is a message that tells you a line has been crossed.

The problem is when you hold onto the anger.

Holding onto anger is not a replacement for healthy boundaries

Holding onto anger isn’t the same thing as learning and moving on to better.

Set the boundary.

Learn from it.

Remove yourself from that situation/person

and then…. let go.

Remind yourself that this person is only human.

A human who makes mistakes. Has bad days. Is flawed.

A human who is learning and growing and doing the best that they know how.

So let it go.


Move on.

Don’t go back.

And as for the magic.

…the alchemy of forgiveness.

This is where your TRUE power to change any kind of shit storm is.

The energy of forgiveness holds the codes that supersede any security you may think you have by holding onto anger.

Where anger/resentment/grudges hold pain, forgiveness holds healing.

It’s a very specific, vibrational state.

It transmutes the energy

It turns something toxic into something divine

it turns pain into wisdom

it turns confusion into understanding

It is a skill of someone with a high-level of emotional intelligence

It is something that you can feel in your body. When you tune in, you can feel how each different emotion/state of being is sitting in your body.

Forgiveness takes the toxicity, the pain, the heaviness of anger/resentment and purifies it.

But you’re going to have to be willing to let go of the old story.

You’re gonna have to be willing to start thinking differently

it’s a process that really works.

I’ve seen clients use forgiveness to turn money situations around.

they go back in “time” through a regression meditation and forgive each moment where they were taught that money is hard, money is bad, or that they didn’t deserve it, they were a burden, they were spoiled, whatever.

They used forgiveness to let that old story go and create a whole new story of ABUNDANCE.

Of self-worth.

Of abundance.

I’ve seen clients use forgiveness to let go of a past relationship only to run into their DREAM PARTNER months, weeks, sometimes DAYS later. Seriously.

This isn’t just some nice thing to do

This is power

This is playing with energy

it’s a very specific mental and emotional state

but you’re gonna have to really want it.

You’re gonna have to CRAVE the NEW story/reality enough to let go of the past.

you can’t hold onto anger and heal it at the same time

you have to decide that things need to change

so… whatever you want to start changing in your life, see how you can use the magic of forgiveness.

start by writing down what you’re currently going through/what you want to. change. Let’s say you want to feel confident/worthy/high-value.

What are you believing to be true? About yourself. About another. About life… Maybe you were told all your life that you were stupid, worthless, not cool, annoying, etc. Maybe you believe that deep down you’re not actually lovable.

What feelings come up? sadness, worthlessness, frustration..

Who taught you this? Schoolmates, parents, toxic friends and relationships…

What feelings come up with them? Anger, frustration,

Feel this.

Get everything out of your system.

Talk it out, say what you need to say, hear what you need to hear.

release it.

Next, choose to bring in new energy.

What thoughts feel better? What beliefs feel better? I am a good person. I’m likeable. I’m lovable. I’m a badass. I love myself. I’m a high-value person.

What’s the wisdom in this situation? I’m learning to own my power. I’m learning to be internally strong. I’m learning to not to give a shit about someone else’s opinion. I’m learning to tune into myself. This has put me on a path of self-discovery.

Finish with a prayer of intention where you declare, “thank you for the experience, we are done now.”

And you keep doing it over and over and over until eventually the charge around that situation disappears.

Until you can think of that person/situation without pain.

Until you can see the wisdom that came from the experience.

Until you can feel in your body that you’ve transformed the crap into absolute gold.

The healing will happen naturally when you invite love back in.

and then….watch the magic unfold.

You are Divine~

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