If you weren’t wrong for wanting what you want.

IF you weren’t wrong for desiring what you desire.

If you knew your desires and dreams came from the depths of your Soul.

Which is to say that they actually came from God herself.

Then who’s to tell you that you’re wrong?!

who’s to tell you that it’s going to be too hard

too dangerous

too stupid

too frivolous

or that it might be bad to want that.

“You shouldn’t want to so much, do so much, have so much….”

or the, “no one else is doing that.”

or what if what if what if

fear fear fear

I can feel the blood rising in my body just typing this.

Who’s to tell you that you’re wrong for wanting what you want?!

Who has the authority to decide that for you?

My biggest and possibly PRIME lesson in this life has been to learn to LOVE my SELF. Which means to UNDERSTAND my SELF. To LISTEN to my SELF. and to TRUST my SELF.

I’ve had to learn to silence the voices of the masses all around me.

I’ve had to learn to turn off all the NOISE.


So what if you did the same? Like…starting NOW.

What if instead of listening to the voices of the masses around you, you silenced the noise?

What if you, INSTEAD, decided that the voice that MATTERS most.

The NUDGE that matters.

The path that matters….

is the path that comes from Soul.

The path that comes from WITHIN you.

The only desires that matter TO ME are the desires that light up my heart.

Are the desires that stir in my mind just before I fall asleep.

Or just as I RISE.

That voice that speaks in the stillness and in the silence

THAT is the voice that matters.

And so yes, it know this may sound all good and dandy and like.. “ok.. YES I’M SO GOING TO DO THIS AND LISTEN TO MY SOUL AND DESIRES AND WHAT’S INSIDE OF ME!!”

and then….you don’t do it.

Because the truth is…it’s not easy.

Not in today’s world.

Because there will be a point of time where the noise and the distractions will pull you off course.

You’ll doubt your Self.

You’ll stop your Self.

You might even beat up on yourself.

And you will let the noise and the devils within and the distractions around you pull you off course.

And so…what if today you became aware of that…and ..what if…WHAT IF…the devil and the fear and the noise outside of you wasn’t allowed to have ANY POWER over you.

ORRRR what if you started having a conversation with the fear?

Questioning it.

And then coming to your own conclusions in spite of it.

and so….

What if you said yes to EVERY nudge and every soul desire that you feel and dream and think would be so great?

What if you didn’t need to know the HOW?

You just trusted the SOUL within and not the LIES….the devil..the energy that shrinks, constricts, and DESTROYS SOUL.

What becomes possible then?

What if instead of freaking yourself out about the how’s or when or who or why or what…what if you just, for now, let yourself dream about it?

Let yourself ponder it.

Ponder the idea of actually being free.

Free from the noise.

Free from the heavy and dense energy of the masses.

Free from the restriction.

What if you just knew and trusted and committed to YOUR path with absolute FAITH, that faith would then reward you in return!?

It always comes down to a decision, love.

It always comes down to what you’re telling yourself you get to have, or be, or do.

Everything else…. every other story that comes from somewhere or someone else.

It’s just noise.

And you can take it and enjoy it, if it’s music to your ears.

Or you can simply change the channel.

This is your music station, baby.

You get to play whatever song you want.

and it will be so.

And so…you’re not wrong for wanting what you want.

But YOU have to be the one that decides it.

…and I totes believe in you, love~

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