I want to know I'm worthy of receiving whatever I want...just because

I'm over needing to prove myself.

To work for it

struggle, be perfect, whatever. It's not true.

I don't have to earn it.

I just receive it



all the time.

I am worthy

i receive all i need and more

i feel so rich

i feel vip

first class



That's the nature of the universe. Giving is about what's on your heart. No condition.

I am worthy of receiving all i ask for just because i ask for it.

Yes, I hustle. Yes, I move. I work when guided to work. I flow.

I do what feels good and powerful and right.

Sometimes my heart calls for me to go baby go.

And sometimes...I just need to rest.

I trust my guidance. Absolutely.

i am in tune with what's on my heart

i am in tune with what my soul wants

what I...IIIIIII really want

i can have whatever iii really want...or else i wouldn't want it

i just receive it

it's easy

it just comes

it's supposed to be easy

i relax about the whole thing

i'm taken care of

abundance pouring from all directions

I let it all in

because i'm worthy

because it's there

because i don't have to prove myself

i don't have to earn it

I never had to justify my existence

I never had to justify all that is given to me

it is FREELY given and graciously received

true abundance

true wealth

absolute gratitude.

Thank you universe. My perception is shifted. My eyes are open. I understand and I am so so grateful. Thank you :)