Alright my baby loves~

I was asked to share the recipe for my morning detox drink. I brought it to an early morning meditation and, even though I gave (I'm pretty sure I did..) fair warning that this drink is nnaassttyyy...there was still interest.

So...if you think you can muster up the courage, the fortitude, the absolute power of WILL & STRENGTH to drink Madeline's Morning Detox Drink, well, you have my respect.

Please note - you need a juicer to do this!

Here's the ridiculously simple recipe.

1) Bag of Lemons. I got this bag of Organic Lemons FOR SALE from Whole Foods! Cha-ching. I love a good sale :)


2) Cucumbers and Ginger. I would advise anywhere between 3-5 cucumbers. I find it helps to lessen the intensity of the lemon and ginger....sort of. ;) PLUS, cucumbers are SUPER good for detoxing.

And then about a palm's size worth of ginger (as seen below).


3) Chop up your ingredients (lemon, ginger, and cucumbers) into pieces that your juicer can handle and then grind that isht up, yo! :) This is the fun part for me! Mwahahaha


And now you have Madeline's Morning Detox Drink! Lemons first thing in the morning are super good for your liver, kidneys, and adrenals...which is why I got started on it. Ginger is especially good for your tummy too! It's all just awesomeness. The amount of ingredients I share here makes a pretty significant amount of juice as well, it usually takes me 3-5 days to get through the whole batch.

I do about a shot of this stuff in the morning...just a shot, maybe two shots if I'm feeling it. I pour the shot, add a little bit of water sometimes, and just kick it back. Then I go about my day for the next hour or so before I eat anything else because I want to give the juice plenty of time to get through my digestive system, without the interference of other food.

I WOULD LOVE to know if you try this drink and your thoughts on how it made you feel after. Even more than that, I would love to see pictures of your face as you take a shot of this amazing drink ;) for the first time!

Much love,