A Queen is discerning. She is in tune with herself, with truth, and with another. A Queen is not fooled by someone's pretty words or mere potential. My love, your Divine partner, your soul's beloved, your KING will be showing you more than just potential. A man can have potential, but that is NOT the same thing as a man who is bearing/manifesting/SHOWING YOU that he is ready and he is committed.


Be discerning. Be open to see the TRUTH in all situations.


The King you deserve, my Queen, will be WHOLE, will be READY, financially stable, emotionally available, happy and ALIGNED with his Source. That doesn't mean your beloved has to be perfect, let's be honest, nobody is. A partnership offers a really beautiful opportunity for two people to grow together and strengthen each other. But if someone is showing signs that they're not quite ready to do that, don't rush the process. Allow time to show the readiness and the heart of your potential life partner.

I have to say this bluntly, because if you're anything like me, you NEED it to be said clearly, succinctly...bluntly. I was always the one who saw so much potential. I was the one who often settled for only potential. I would fall in love quickly, wanting to see things that weren't really there, to the detriment of my own well-being. If you want to know if the person you are with is the right one, or if it's even the right time, there will be signs. Just ask to see them. There are always signs.

If it's marriage you are wanting, be sure that this person is also wanting the same thing. Speak about it. Don't be afraid to ask. Someone who is ready and available for that kind of partnership will have no problem talking about it. Don't be scared to speak your truth. You can't scare away the right one. You will only scare away the ones who aren't your match.

Look for respect. Look for a vision. Look to be prioritized. You will see it, you will feel it. There's denying it.

That beings said. Just because someone isn't ready now, it doesn't mean they never will be. Same with you. Sometimes, the most loving thing you can do for the person you love (and yourself) is to walk away. If someone needs more time to grow, LET THEM. If you need more time to grow, let yourself grow. Let yourself grow into the vibrational match of your King. 👑💚

Trust the process and keep your eye on the prize. Your Divine relationship is worth it! 🌟