LOL~~ what I'm really trying to say is OVERTHINKING is the devil. It really is. It's the thing that puts the brakes on fast-moving momentum. It's the thing that gets you spiraling into doubt, fear, shame, the "how will I do this?!" and the "what if...(list all possible things in the world that will probably never happen)?"

Yes, overthinking is the devil.

It's the very thing that I coach and guide people OUT OF with meditation. It's those thoughts... those thoughts that creep and crawl in your subconscious. It's those thoughts that say, "but what if you can't?!?!?" the moment you get a lightning bolt of inspiration.

Do you think Beethoven was thinking about how to create his symphonies?? Or do you think he was letting his hands flow baby flow!? LOL. Imagine if Beethoven sat at his piano just thinking about what notes he should play or wondering exactly how Moonlight Sonata should come together. (one of my faves btw)

So here's the other thing...

Fear does serve a purpose. You're not scared to jump out of a plane without a parachute for no reason. What we don't also acknowledge, HOWEVER, is that in those kinds of situations, we're also KNOWING and deciding at a gut/instinctual/full body level. THAT feeling of "HELLL NOOOO, I'm not jumping without a parachute you crazies!!" serves a purpose because that's not actually overthinking. That's knowing. That is a "every part of my being realizes that I don't want to do this."

You feel the difference?

That's so important to know because you can TRUST your body. When you step out of overthinking, you're actually allowing yourself to step into the absolute and instant KNOWING of your body and soul. You don't have to worry about getting it wrong because there are layers and dimensions to your being that won't let you get it wrong. You just KNOW...And you know when you know.

There are certain things your body and soul just KNOW. No overthinking needed.

Just imagine...

Imagine what it would be like if you just decided to act on your highest excitement without delay or hesitation. Imagine if you just hit your pen to the journal, your brush to the canvas, your fingers to the keyboard, whatever your creative medium of choice is, imagine if you just went to it and let yourself flow and move with whatever was coming out.

What do you think would pour out of you? What becomes possible?

How do you think that would feel?

and not even think..scratch that.

How do you know that would feel?

What does it feel like to visualize/pretend/imagine doing it?

Yeah....That's flow.

That's Source, baby.

That's your power. That's the power that creates worlds moving through you. Unrestricted.

You have access to that power at all times, at all moments, and yet, so many of us block it! We get in our lovely, beautiful, crazy heads about the whole damn thing.

We don't understand creation so therefore we must fear it. Right? Look both ways before crossing the street, yes totally, BUTTTT... what if looking both ways for you has actually turned into, DON'T YOU EFFING CROSS, YO! Too scary!

So really the question is...are you operating from thinking or knowing?

From fear or trust?

Are you tied to your seat because of your head or are you being guided by Source, by Flow, by the Power, intuitive wisdom, and LOVE from within? Are you really allowing yourself to live and flow from something beyond time and space and dimension?

Or... are you letting the mind in all its beautiful limitation stop you from just flowing?


Imagine just living in that space. Imagine conditioning your beautiful mind to trust that you will always KNOW. To trust your heart. To trust inspiration. Imagine forming a whole new mind/you/consciousness with the power and knowledge of your heart.

What becomes possible then?

Be not of this world, baby love. You know too much now anyway. Let your mind be renewed by the power, the wisdom, the intelligence and the creativity of the heavenly Divine realm. Your true home.

Yes, look both ways before crossing the street. But cross the mutha loving street!!! :)


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Lessssgooooo!! <3