I'm that girl you'll find walking around talking to herself out-loud, often laughing at her own jokes.

I'm that girl who you will find doing cartwheels... in the park, in her home, in her friends home, doesn't really matter where.

I'm that girl who is obsessed with all things spiritual, metaphysical, and Law of Attraction.

I'm that girl that who says, "Spirit, Universe, God, and Source" in the same sentence. Oftentimes, to mean the same thing.

I'm that girl praying and thanking God before every dinner.

I'm that girl who sometimes doubts her own wisdom, beauty, and value.

I'm also that girl who can pump the tunes and feel like a total badass, queen of the world, I've got it going on, slay girl slayyyyy!!

I'm that girl who will turn left instead of right at the last minute because it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I'm that girl who can find at least 19,432 possible meanings to what someone just said.

I'm that girl who makes up random and ridiculously large numbers to make a point.

I'm that girl who is always reading in-between the lines.

I'm that girl who falls in love. Hard.

I'm that girl who will always follow her heart.

I'm that girl with the big, crazy, curly hair.

I'm that girl who may often be described as "weird."

I'm that girl who can talk a million miles a minute because she's so excited and has so many thoughts and just wants to share them all with you right now!

I'm that girl who gets excited about finding a "lucky" penny heads up on the street.

I'm that girl who is totally into knowing what your sign is.

I'm that girl who can immediately feel when something or someone is off.

I'm that girl who, no matter what, will always be able to look in the mirror and say, "Madeline, I love you and I'm so fucking proud of you!"

....and in truth, I'm not a girl at all, I'm a full-grown woman...

I'm that girl who's a woman but says she's a girl.


Yeahh...that's me :D