What if fear was a choice? What if fear was merely a moment by moment choice? What if, in that moment when you were most scared to do that thing you wanted to do or say the thing that you were most scared to say, what if instead of sitting in fear, you took that moment to tune in.

You put your hand over heart and asked yourself, "is this what you want?" "Is this what you really really want, Madeline?"

I sometimes like to project a decision into the future. Fully aware that I can only understand what I understand (i.e. I have limits on what I can understand)... but I like to have as manyy tools at my disposal as possible. So I tune in and I start to see the possibilities of what would happen in that future.

In my mind, I make the decision, I choose a path,  I say "yess," to that thing that I am so scared to do or say. I see me doing it in my mind and...within seconds...the fear slips away. I don't exactly see what the future holds but I do feel a massive weight lift off of my shoulders.

I had to do that process today.

I had to let someone down today. Someone that I knew was hoping we could be more than friends. For a while, I was entertaining it myself, even though knowing in my heart that this wasn't it. This wasn't my "hell yes!" I think we all know this within moments of connecting with someone, actually.

I was scared because I didn't want to hurt him but I knew that if all I ever did was speak the truth, it would be the right thing. So I did. I told him. I told him why and it felt so good. Like relief. And more surprisingly, his response was so kind and supportive...it actually surprised me. I had a deeper respect for him and an even deeper confidence in the power of just speaking the truth. It was an important and beautiful and sacred moment.

In that moment, I chose not to fear saying the thing I most needed and wanted to say. I moved with my truth and what came out of that choice was an honest and pure friendship. Imagine how amazing your life would be if you always chose to not to fear and instead chose to move and act and speak from truth and alignment.

And not just romance but your career.

Your friendships.

Your body.

Your life.

What if, in every area of your life you chose not to fear? What if, when the fear came up, you instead chose to believe that if you spoke with truth, you couldn't get it wrong?

Or what if you chose:

That all things done with honesty always work out.

That you couldn't say the wrong thing.

That no matter what, things are ALWAYS working out for you.

And then, from that place of TRUST, you did only what felt right. What felt aligned for you. Imagine the results of choosing, in each moment, not to fear and instead TRUST. Imagine a life filled with those kinds of moments. The results of that would be incredible.

Because the truth is....you can't get it wrong and everything IS always working out for you.