As I embark into the world of dating, I'm finding myself being exposed to a variety of fears and limiting beliefs. It's very interesting. I usually spend most of my time around other like-minded people who believe and know that there is no shortage in this universe. They know and trust that the right thing will come at the right time. There are no accidents and nothing has gone wrong.

But sometimes I like to venture outside of my inner circle. Actually, it's more like sometimes I'm forced to venture outside my little bubble because the universe brings someone right to me who has no idea of what I'm talking.

And that's when it gets really interesting. πŸ’‹

For instance, I was approached by someone recently who, while he knows and believes so much about the power of being positive, thinking of the end goal, visualizing, and taking action, he is also very much a "realist." We were recently discussing the idea of how more and more people are waiting to settle down and the benefits of it. I know, for me, if I would have settled down with anyone that I dated in my 20's, I'd probably be divorced already. (sorry, not sorry LOL). Same with him. The people we were in our 20's are not the same people we are now

So while there are obvious benefits to waiting until you've grown, discovered yourself, adventured, and have become established, there's also a lot of fear that can pop up as you watch the people around you get married and have families (FOMO anyone?). At this point, our discussion started to veer from all the positive things about being single in our 30's to a lack mindset of, "but now there's less and less people available."

And this was where I realized his fear. As I heard him say, "The older you get, the less people that there will be available and it's best to settle down before you get to the point where there's no one left." Maybe not those exact words but something to that affect. The whole time, my insides were screaming, "oh hell no!!" No. No. No.

OK, maybe he does have a point. There is truth to the fact that as you get older, more people will be in a relationship, less people may be interested in you, and whatever else. But then the wiser part of me just knows better than that. Meeting the right person is not a numbers game. It's not about quantity, it's about quality, and the quality of people you meet as YOU grow, and you mature, and you become a complete badass drastically changes. You can only attract what you're a match to. As you grow, the people you are a match to will be far different than the people you are a match to now.

It's not and has never been about quantity...or settling. The amount of people you date, or talk to, or the amount of people who like you has NOTHING to do with meeting YOUR right person. You don't need quantity, you want quality and to attract quality, you have to be that quality person.

πŸ’‹ It's about knowing you are worthy of an amazing, loving, soul-connected relationship.

πŸ’‹ It's about keeping your vision/end game alive and well in your heart.

πŸ’‹ It's staying grounded within yourself and in touch with what really makes you happy.

πŸ’‹ It's about being in touch with Who-You-Really-Are.

πŸ’‹ It's about truly knowing yourself and valuing yourself.

πŸ’‹It's about fully trusting that the universe always has your back.

The bottom line for me is, I have so much love in my life already. I am a really happy person. I also also love love and I know in my heart that if I'm in search of a particular kind of person, if there's something...anything on my heart, I know it can only be on my heart because God is pointing me in that direction. The universe is speaking to me through my desires. It's softly saying, "This way Madeline." There are no desires put on your heart that cannot be fulfilled.

The right person is available to you no matter where you live, where you've been, your age, your race, or no matter how many other people are already spoken for. You just need one and that one is worth waiting for.