So this is a totally true, real, and (I happen to think) funny story. I originally began this blog titled "Sexuality & the Goddess." I have been channeling some pretty intense energies around femininity, beauty, luxury, sensuality, passion, drive, and sexuality.'s been intense and it started ON THE SAME DAY that Mars entered Scorpio.

And once I realized that, I thought, "ohhh shiiiittt" that is why I've been feeling exactly the way I'm feeling. So while I do not feel called or even like I have the authority to go into the details of Mars in Scorpio, I DO wish to share with you the energies that I have been channeling, and the thoughts and feelings that came through me as I began to write my original blog.

My hope and intention is that it illuminates any weirdness or confusing feelings that you may be experiencing right now too.

So here

DISCLAIMER: this is going to be an intimate post. There's no sugarcoating this one. But this is REAL! This is what has been on my heart and I am NOT going to repress it. In fact, I think it's important that more of us express ourselves fully, openly, freely, lovingly. Let whatever message that has been given to you be released! Let's begin.

So I've been reallllly in the Goddess energy as of late. I've actually made a few remarks in my blogs, newsletters, and FB posts about how I wish to refer to God as Goddess (not like it freaking matters anyway). When I pray, when I meditate, I think of Goddess. I think of a feminine presence. I can't really explain it. It's where I'm at right now. I honestly feel called to connect with the energy of the Goddess. Which to me, has me desiring all things beautiful, feminine, luxurious, creative, sensual, and sexual. I've been feeling it strongly and I love it because this is SUCH A POWERFUL, magnetic energy. This is the energy of receiving.

I've been guided this week to really treat myself. This whole week so far has been massages, Sephora, blowouts, eyebrow threading, and a mani. I'm fully stepping into the energy of receiving, of beauty, of DESERVING, of the Goddess! This is the Goddess energy moving through me, asking me to start treating myself in a way deserving of a Goddess. All of this, the beauty, the glamour, the state of feeling so feminine and cherished and desired is also MAGNETIC!

The Goddess receives it all.

The Goddess is adored. The Goddess is hypnotizing. Everyone loves loves LOVES the Goddess. Her voice, her smile, her charm. She is magnetic and possessive. She loves deeply. She loves to be held, desired, wanted. The attraction. She is the negative polarity, drawing all things into her. It's like a love vacuum.

The Goddess just wishes to be and as the Goddess moves through me, all I feel I want to do is just be. Just flow. Make love. Be loved. Be held. Wander. Beautify my body and home. I can feel into the power of the pull. It's energetically pulling all things to me. I can feel it.

It's feeling highly desired. I am now doing things for me. I allow the sensuality to overcome me. I allow myself to feel much as I want. I feel it in every part of my body. And though there is a part of me that is judging this highly charged, highly sexual, sensual, touchy, total "treat yo self" energy, I know it is just as Divine as the energy of creating and giving. We must experience both. Because that is flow. In and out.

I have held back in the past before. I have felt shame around my Goddess self. I always knew it's power and I held it back.  I didn't always like the attention I got when my Goddess energy was turned on. I didn't want to pull in everyone because I have pulled in things that I wasn't intending to. Until I learned about setting boundaries, I just shut it off. I shut off a huge source of power for me. It's so powerful. It's so easy. I felt guilt around it.  Can it really be that easy? Can it really be as easy as tapping into my Goddess self, feeling so beautiful and sexy, and then literally turning my ON switch for manifestation?

Yes. It is.

And I thought I was bad.

But that's the Goddess. She commands attention. She is desired. She pulls everything in. When you honor Her, allow her to flow through you, it is so amazing. IT is so pleasurable. <3

When you turn on the Goddess, you are highly magnetic. Literally.

I love the visual of polarized magnetic fields and how - seemingly - one field is constantly chasing the other. That's how I see the Goddess. She pulls, she brings in, she devours. It's so beautiful and mysterious and powerful. The Goddess is amazing.

Feel emboldened in your Goddess. Feel sexy. Sensual. Touch your body. Embrace love-making. Embrace receiving. Move in a way that feels so beautiful. This turns you ON - like a switch. It turns IT ALL ON for you to receive.

Enjoy <3