When you think about receiving, what comes to mind? Receiving gifts? Compliments? Ease?

Receiving is such a beautiful, feminine, joyous, and abundant energy. Whether you're wanting to receive a relationship, guidance, money, or just some help so life can feel fun again, you are fully and totally capable of receiving it all.

Receiving is all about being in a receptive energy.

What do I mean by that? Start by asking yourself, "What is something I would love to receive easily?" Imagine someone just handed it to you, how does that feel? Do you feel good about letting that thing be easy? Do you feel like you should give it back right away? Do you feel like it's too much, too easy, you don't deserve it? Or do you feel totally worthy and deserving of it?"

Is there a sense of, "of course it's this easy!"

Being a receptive energy is about feeling an excited anticipation for that thing. Like, "of course it's coming." I'm so worthy of this. I'm so ready for this! A receptive mode is also, and most importantly, about feeling so so much gratitude for it. What more could be more gratifying and humbling then to know that something far wiser, far more powerful, and totally loving wants to gift you your heart's desires, easily and consistently?

Core Belief: Life is meant to be fun. If it doesn't feel fun, it's not part of my path.

Receiving is as easy as walking away from your office/computer/work station to get a bath only to come back with brand new orders. (True story.)

It's as easy as meeting the most beautiful man you've ever seen, secretly saying to yourself, "Universe, I want someone like him," only to have that exact guy find you Facebook, ask you out, and eventually fall in love with you!! (Yes, true story! 💕💕)

It gets to be that easy. All the damn time. 😌 😍

But you have to feel good about it and you have to have a little trust. You have to have solid core beliefs around it. You have to be willing to surrender the outcome. You have to eventually decide, "yes, it does get to be easy" as you remove your death grip from the steering the wheel.

Core Belief: I don't have to make anything happen. That's not my job.

In truth, receiving is also knowing deep in your bones that not only do you not have to control everything, you actually can't. You actually don't. I have experienced and believe in the element of destiny/timing/universe-sorting-the-pieces-out. It is a real and powerful part of this reality-creation game.

I'm sure there have been times when you just knew something was going to happen. You weren't trying to make it happen and you weren't even sure why you knew it was going to happen, but you knew it. And then it happened because it was part of your path, put there by the hand of God. And it was beautiful.

Receiving is about allowing all of that to come in. Receiving is about fun. Receiving is about asking for more and more and allowing yourself to stretch and grow to let it all come in. Receiving is about asking, "how can I fully enjoy this moment? How can I let this in? How can I see this situation differently?" Receiving is about creativity. Receiving is an integral part of staying in balance.

There is a time for action, there is a time to just receive. The better you get at allowing things to come in, the bigger, better, and more in the flow your life becomes.

Receive it all baby!!! 🤗🤗💋💋💋🌈🌈🌈

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