You know what resonates with you. You know what you most desire. You know the kinds of things that are good for you. You know the kinds of things that are bad for you.

You knew it all before you started weighing the pros and cons.

You knew it all before someone convinced you that you were wrong.

You knew it all before you started doubting yourself.

You knew it all before you decided to tell yourself the story that you didn't know it. That you couldn't trust yourself. That all the mistakes you made in the past were because you don't know and not because they are part of your learning process.

So since you know, and you know you know, what is stopping you from believing in yourself? What's stopping you from just doing the thing you want to do? What's stopping you from actually showing up. What is so scary about what other people think, say, or do? Lean into that fear....what really is so scary about that?

What's so scary about getting it "wrong"? Doesn't getting it wrong mean that you are closer to getting it right? What's so bad about taking your time? Or taking a detour? Or changing course...

What is really holding you back from knowing that you know?

Do you think you're always going to get it perfect? Do you really believe anyone gets it perfectly? Do you even care if it's perfect?

Me, I've given myself permission to not be perfect. I've decided that I'd rather enjoy my life as opposed to live up to someone else's impossible expectation.

I know deep down, the reason you do anything is because you want to be happy. And happiness is a very personal experience. Your decisions are also a very personal experience.

You know what to do. Don't kid yourself. Don't make someone else the authority over your life. Believe in yourself and just make up your mind.

You can't get it wrong and you will never get it done. I believe in you.