Your Soul-Vibe is Who-You-Really-Are. You aligning with your Soul-Vibe is when your Inner-Being is fully expressing itself in the outer-world.

It's you being you.

It's you having fun.

It's you relaxing.

It's you doing the things that are meaningful, fulfilling, and purpose-driven.

It's the very thing that, once you align with it, magnetizes people to you.  Seriously. When I'm feeling good, high-vibe, and happy, when I'm operating from total flow, people are literally magnetized to me in a way that doesn't even make sense. But it's not supposed to make sense. It's an energy thing.

It's a totally opposite reality from people who are in a desperate, needy, or clingy energy. People in that energy can't seem to attract anyone because ain't nobody want to be around needy, lonely, desperate, and clingy. I mean...unless you too are in that wonky vibe.

When you act from non-alignment, you will attract things that resonate and validate your non-alignment.

When you act from total flow/alignment/joy, you attract things that resonate and validate that joy.

Easy peezy.

So... how do you align with the vibration of your soul? You start by letting go of everything you think it should you should do, you think you're supposed to do, you think you have to do (get your parent's voice out of your head). Alignment is not a thinking thing, it's a heart thing. It's a, "If nothing else mattered, if you didn't need anything, what would you be doing and saying?"

Think on that.

If you were completely detached from needing something to happen, needing someone to like you or something to work out... If you didn't need for a particular result, what would you do? Right now...

Sometimes it helps to ask yourself this question with your hand over your heart. (Did you know your hands are magnetic?? - yep!) Using your hands to tune into your heart, you can ask it whatever you want. For example, "What do you want to do right now? What's the most aligned thing I can do right now. What's the next best step for me?"

Give these questions some reflection. It's amazing what comes out when you just start talking or writing or meditating on this stuff.

The last part to all of this, once you get your answer, is to TRUST IT! Trust yo self! Treat yo' self and trust yo self! ;) Do what you feel is right or exciting or the most aligned for you. It's great to have an answer, it's even better to follow through on its guidance.

It's actually life changing.

Align with yo soul!! <3