Do you know what you need?

And I don't mean on a basic, a healthy combination of proteins and veggies...LOL

I'm talking on a fundamental level. On a soul level.

What is a Core Value for you? What are those things that you'd rather die than never have?

If nothing comes immediately to mind, that's fine. Most people don't actually ask themselves this question.. and.. most people end up drifting through life, sorta happy, sorta fulfilled, but mostly dead inside....and they have no idea why (or even worse...they blame others for it).

It's kinda like when you're at the beach and you go into the water and you're just playing, swimming, floating, not really paying attention. Next thing you know, you turn around to see where your towel and/or friends are at only to realize you drifted REALLY FREAKIN' FAR from your starting point. 😋🏖️

This happens to me all the time when I'm not paying attention to where my towel/friends/home base is.


What I'm actually talking about here are your Core Values. When you're in touch with your Core Values...when you're in touch with what you absolutely need on a soul level, you will know when something is off/not aligned with you/detrimental to you and you will know why. It won't be a personal thing about anyone in particular, it will be a fundamental, "this is who I am and what I need" thing.

It's your North's your towel. 😉

For instance. I had a relationship where I was banging my head against the wall...not in a good way...because I was trying to fit into a box that was actually in opposition of one of my Core Values for a relationship. I NEED to feel like a priority in my relationship. I need to feel truly bonded, connected, and important with my significant other to be happy, to be intimate, to be fulfilled. And I wasn't...and before I came to terms with that, I continued to sacrifice my "selfish" need to be a priority and it was making me absolutely effing MISERABLE!!

Here's the thing... If you are, in any way, sacrificing your Core Values to make something won't. If you are neglecting your needs in order to please others, you will end up resenting them, feeling anxious and/or depressed, and you will eventually end up sabotaging the whole damn thing anyway. It simply doesn't work in the long run. And you know this. You know this because your soul knows what it needs and it will never ever stop trying to tell you when something just isn't right.

So to begin the process of discovering what you need is to start asking questions. Questions like:

What do you need to have in your life to feel excited about it?

What do you need to do in your life to feel fulfilled?

What do you need in relationships to be happy?

Who do you need to be to feel completely aligned?

What do you need?

What is that thing that you would rather die than not have?

Think about these, meditate on these, journal on these. Get in touch with your needs. As you align with your needs, I want you to simultaneously give yourself FULL PERMISSION to say, "I am allowed to have this!" that.."I NEED to have this and I now, officially, give myself FULL PERMISSION to have/ask/decide that I get to have this."

As you do this, you will feel an energetic weight lift off your shoulders. You will begin to align with Who-You-Really-Are. You will raise your vibe. You will magnetically call in the right people. You will be opening yourself up to the right opportunities, the synchronicity, and the absolute MAGIC that only exists when you align with your soul.

So, one more time...what do you need?

Know thyself ;)


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