Do you know how to use a tuner to tune an instrument? You tell the tuner what note you're wanting to play, you then play the note on your instrument, and if you are any bit off (slightly sharp or slightly flat) the tuner gives a bunch of wobbly lines that indicate your instrument is out of tune. You then play with the tightness or looseness of the strings, or whatever your instrument is, until you hit the pitch exactly. Once you do, once you are in perfect pitch, the line on the tuner goes straight and it's like BINGO, we have the note.

That's pretty much the Law of Attraction for you. When you have a belief or you want to see something manifest in your reality, you have to match it; you have to be in tune with it. If there's even the slightest doubt, disbelief, or fear, it will manifest as wobble. It won't be a direct hit. For example, if you want to manifest true love, you have to be in tune with love. You have to know you can and you will find love, you have to love yourself, you have to be in perfect pitch with it, otherwise you're going to get a bunch of wobble back from the universe. You'll manifest the "you were almost perfect" or you may not hit the mark at all.


If, however, you totally believe in love, you are feeling the love, you have no doubt, fear, or any other type of sabotage, if you can hit the pitch of love just right, then 'BAM!', like a laser, you send a perfect pitch to the universe and through the Law of Resonance, you see it right back. It's the same thing that happens when you have two guitars close to each other. If you hit the E string on one guitar with enough amplitude, through the Law of Resonance, the E string on the second guitar will begin to vibrate as well.

Think of the universe as that second guitar. As long as you're hitting your note on pitch and with enough amplitude, you will send a wave out into the universe and it will vibrate back to you that same note. You're always getting what you're vibrating. This universe is always in concert with you.

And you can hit any note you desire.

The note of love, ease, abundance, fun, struggle, fear, honestly whatever, it doesn't matter, the universe doesn't care. It's simply going to resonate with you. You can always tell what your vibration is because you can look around at the kinds of thoughts, people, emotions, and things that keep appearing in your reality. The clearer your pitch, i.e. the more firm you stand in your beliefs, convictions, knowing, and consistency the more perfectly you get what you want.

If you find yourself wobbling, i.e. sort of believing, sort of acting in faith, but not really totally, fully believing, and not acting in faith, then you don't hit the mark, you're slightly off tune. When you totally believe, when you just know, you feel it, you think it, you speak it, you move in the direction of it, you're sending a laser focused note of whatever you're believing in and that's exactly what you'll get back.

Make sense love?

Let's make some music! <3