I said goodbye to him...

Part of me wonders if this is really goodbye or if this is just part of the game we are playing.

I know I need this to be goodbye. I know that he made his decision over and over again to put me last in his priorities. He doesn't want to let his past go..at the expense of losing me. I cannot commit myself to someone who sees me as an option.

It clarifies to me what I really do want.

I want someone who chooses me. Who sees me as their end game. A friend, confidante, and partner. Someone so worthy of creating something new and beautiful with.

I want someone who adores me, cherishes me, and loves me completely.

I want someone who is honest with me. Someone who is open and available.

I want true love. Legendary Love.

I want my Divine Partner. I know it's there. If I want it, it's there.

I'm not sure I want it right now, though. I'm quite happy building my business, working in my passion and purpose. I know a relationship would be a cherry on top.

I do love being in love though.

God, guide me to my Divine counterpart. When the time is right. Someone whom I can walk this journey together with. Someone who is available and ready to receive a true partner. A new partner. I want someone who sees me and thinks, "She's it. This is the one I've been waiting for."

I want to build my new life with someone who resonates completely with me.

I want it all. That is all.

I know in order to get what I want. I have to let my past go. I have to let my past be my past. I have to see it and feel it as complete.

It feels complete. It doesn't feel unfinished. I know what was there and I believe I fully gave and fully tapped into all that was available for me. I am in a space to receive all the love that I have available to give. I'm a completely different person than the person I was 6 months ago. I have him to thank for that. He is my friend. He helped me. Help me wish him well as he makes new relationships.

Let him wish me well as I continue on my path. I want to be at peace. I want to know that there's always something amazing right around the corner.

I always want to attract true love into my life.


And so it is.