you were always the one who saw things a little differently.

The one with a vision.


big dreams

luxurious dreams

a soul-calling to rise higher.

To transform, UPGRADE, and RISE!

To be the version of yourself that you know, in your bones, in your heart, and the depths of your SOUL that is who you are MEANT TO BE!

Welcome to I AM QUEEN!

This program is all about you RISING into your POWER.


This is about you tapping into your magic, your message, your PURPOSE. The DREAM VISION of your life.

And making it REAL.

But more than that...

This is your stepping into the version of you that gets EVERYTHING she wants.

Because you ARE creator.

You were born to SHINE, to LEAD, to TEACH, guide, and SERVE in the highest way possible.

I AM QUEEN! is a 6-Week Program dedicated to moving you into your TOTAL UPGRADE.

Teaching how to tap into your SUPERCONSCIOUS abilities and bringing those gifts, that MESSAGE, out into the world in A BIG EFFING WAY!

Worldwide Reach

Next-Level Recognition

Purpose, Passion, Abundance, & Flow.

This is about you not being AFRAID or ASHAMED to be SEE and HEARD and, honestly...TO BE LOVED.

To be looked at and learned from.

If you know you are here for an important calling, a spiritual calling, and more importantly, if any part of this message is resonating like the sound of a world-class, symphony orchestra, it's because this message is for YOU.

You are supposed to be showing up in a big way.

it is your responsibility to be easily accessible and reachable to the people you have been born to guide, lead, teach, and serve!

You. Are. Queen!

You are leader.

You are authority.

A highly-valuable individual.

What we will cover in this 6-Week Program


Week 1 - OWNING YOUR POWER and leader status.

In order to show up in that next-level, version of yourself, the one who is owning and shining and stepping up, you must first embody the energy.

This first week is dedicated to getting you absolutely immersed in the energy of confidence, charisma, and magnetism. The energy of a LEADER. A power figure. A star!

It’s knowing that the gift and message that you have carried into thie wordl, into this life deep inside your heart is real.



This week is all about tapping into SUPERCONSCIOUS living. Living from Purpose. Honing your message and gifts. Moving and acting from total alignment.

This is the flow that comes from being fully turned on, tapped in, and so ON POINT.

I’m going to guide you through the strategy and inner work that gets you tapped into you!


Week 3 - MAKE MONEY, Love! Attract All The THINGS!

So here’s the real deal..you have to make money. There is nothing wrong with money. in fact, as you show up and honor the freedom, fun, support, and opportuniteis that attracting money allows you, the more you allow EVERYONE to to show up in this way.

Let it all be easy.

All things are designed to flow easily to a person living in purpose.

This week also includes teaching you how to Calling in soulmate clients and create a tribe of soul-connections that absolutely adore you, honor you, and support you and your mission!

just as you are supporting them.



Week 4 - Quantum Leaping.

This week is all about achieving success and creating a whole new identity around being a very successful person

Success is natural

It’s easy

You’re SUPPOSED to be successful.


Week 5 - LET’S GET PRACTICAL. Strategy time!

This week is all about the strategies that take your dream from well...a dream, and make it REAL.

What to focus on daily.

I’m sharing with you my plan, strategies, and how my day unfolds.

What is the actual amount and level of effort that is a must to reach this place.

Creating your plan to put your ideas into action and action into MANIFESTATIONS!



This is the full and complete up-level. this week you're going soul-deep. deep into any remaining, murky patterns that linger and hold you back

you're shedding that.

looking at it (with me) and transmuting it.

This course is centered around you living from absolute alignment

Let's do it.

Stay tuned....