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Are you ready to dive deep into COMPLETE heart-healing, mind & body transformation, and RE-CONNECTION with the power of your Divine Feminine energy to attract TRUE LOVE?!

I have to be honest...I have been chomping at the bit to release this program!

Goddess 2.0 is the culmination of EVERYTHING I've ever taught, studied, and EXPERIENCED in my own life.

This is for the woman who is ready, who has been asking, praying, wondering why love has YET to stick.

I see you.


You've been through all the heartbreak, the disappointments, the love you would've sworn was "the one," and even the right ones that came at the wrong time.

you feel stuck in a loop

confused as to what you're doing wrong.



and, more than anything, completely exhausted.

done with trying and done with waiting.

You know that it's not supposed to be this hard.

and you're ready to make the changes.

To dig a little deeper.

To break away from the past and completely change your ENERGY.

When things change within you, everything changes.

and attracting a high-quality, Divine Relationship is no exception, Goddess.

If you are seeking a heart-centered, soul-connected, passionate relationship with a top-caliber, evolved, Solid, Divinely Masculine man

If you are soul-desiring a relationship where YOU are pursued, protected, supported, and cherished as the GODDESS THAT YOU ARE.

Feeling confident, alluring, & mesmerizing.

This program was made for you.

This program is a journey that will move you into true understanding, self-awareness, and MASSIVE healing

Learning how to become FULLY alive, lit up from within,

and HIGHLY magnetic to TRUE LOVE.

You will be breaking patterns of low-esteem, undergoing and uncovering the mysteries to embodying the mind, body, heart, and soul of a highly-desirable & powerful feminine woman.

Who is WHOLE.

Who is HEALED.

 who is divinely MAGNETIC

And FULLY aware of her power.

Goddess Vibes 2.0 is about understanding the subconscious patterns that have actually repelled love away from you. UNMASKING the mysteries behind the feminine and masculine energy dynamics in relationships.

Here's the hard truth

Like ANYTHING you deeply care about, your love life is NOT something to be haphazardly winging. Hoping for the best while actually drifting, flailing, and getting absolutely nowhere.

Manifesting and maintaining a quality relationship requires a very specific level of energy, focus, and awareness.

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It's time to do this love thing the right way, gorgeous.

This is a VALUE-PACKED, 6 week IMMERSION into INCREDIBLE heart-healing, deep-diving into the realm of masculine and feminine energy, passion, and INTENSE ATTRACTION. You be exploring the mindset & energy that creates the kind of aura that men fall over backwards to claim. You will be getting inside the mind of the masculine man, learning what drives him to pursue and COMMIT. PLUS, you will be practicing the spiritual principles that call this all in! The Love you SOUL-DESIRE as a Goddess and as a Divine Creator.

This kind of love and relationship is very real and very available.

With Goddess Vibes 2.0, you will be learning how to:

  • Create your personalized roadmap to True Love

  • Develop a deep connection with a man and navigate the progression of the relationship in a way that is healthy, sustaining, and soul-nourishing.

  • Connect fully with your inner world of intuition and emotional depth. aka your innate Goddess powers!

  • Become crystal clear on what you NEED and REQUIRE in your relationship as a deeply feminine soul.

  • Practice the art of requesting ALL you soul-desire in a way that allows you to effortlessly RECEIVE it.

  • Create the irresistible Goddess aura of mystique, radiance, allure, and MAGNETISM.

  • Get a masculine man to pursue, open up, and devote himself to you.

  • Release low-esteem behaviors like doormatism, passive-aggression, over-giving, people-pleasing, and manipulation.

  • Recognize and process emotional traumas that are silently keeping you in scarcity and lack mindsets and repelling true love.

  • Use the incredible power of your body in a way that will support your healing and enhance your radiance.

  • Prevent yourself from prematurely attaching to the wrong man and INSTEAD create incredible space for the RIGHT man.

when you change, EVERYTHING CHANGES.

and quickly

Your love is here.

Right now.

but the question is...

are you a match to it?

goddess 2.0-2.png

This isn't about changing YOU.

This is about re-discovering you

Emerging & Self-Actualizing your at your Core and receiving all the love your heart desires and deserves.

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6-Weeks of WEEKLY LIVE Trainings

  • Weekly Q&A.

  • Weekly Trainings, teaching, & coaching.

  • Deep-dive Inner Work processes, audios, and trainings sent throughout each week.

  • Private Members Site access

  • Lifetime access to ALL content

Module 1

Heart healing

Deep Inner Work

Processing/Releasing Emotional Traumas

Pattern Awareness

We begin this energy immersion by getting rid of all the gunk that has blocked the effortless flow of love, passion, romance, and high-quality men & relationships to you in the first place. You will be exploring subconscious patterns, reconnecting with your heart, and exploring your authentic femininity.

Module 2

The Mindset, Energy, and Vibration of a total Goddess

Cultivating high-esteem and self-championing

Healing imbalances and working with your shadow version.

Exploring the Feminine Stages of Development

Connecting with your intuitive, feeling, and emotional world.

Module 2 is all about emerging the Goddess within you. You will align mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically with the identity of a HIGH-VALUE, highly-desirable, awakened, feminine Goddess. You will learn how to use your body and mind to FULLY support you in this process.

Module 3

The Masculine & Feminine Energy Dynamics

This module is so incredibly transformative. Most women are completely unaware of the energy they carry within their partnerships. With this module, you will explore how to stay grounded in your feminine energy, explore the importance of Timeline alignment, Attachment Patterns, and how to cultivate a lasting relationship rooted in honesty, safety, trust, openness, and profound intimacy.

Module 4

The Mind of the Masculine Man

Learn the difference between Healthy and Aware Men Vs Imbalanced and Unaware

Understanding what inspires devotion & commitment.

Understanding Sexual Attraction and What a Man Is Really Looking For.

4 Stages of Masculine Development.

This is such a fun Module! When you truly understand how the masculine mind is literally designed to support you, you will be able to communicate in ways where you both feel seen, heard, and adored like never before.

Module 5

Spiritual Laws of Relationships

Influencing Cause and Effect from Within

This module explores the timeless wisdom that will illuminate why you attract the people you do and how to make simple shifts to change EVERYTHING.

Module 6

Calling In the Relationship

This is where we put IT ALLLL together. You will be going through a powerful meditation journey with me, learning how to play with visualization and energy work to call in your TRUE LOVE DREAM RELATIONSHIP!!

This stuff is like magic.

I'm so excited for you to begin this incredible journey with me!!

You ready to do this?

Click the best payment option for YOU below and let's get you signed up today!!!