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Pre-Work & Bonus'!!

Fun & Powerful Meditation for creating an aura of attraction, allure, and pure Goddess Vibes



This is where it all begins! You will be TUNING-IN to your natural alignment, to the things that give you life, energy, and flow the positive energy. This is who you really are. Then, you will be looking within to see what patterns are showing up, where your belief/expectation level really is set, and what you need to start transforming EVERYTHING.

Hint: Don't overlook the subtle. Each and every time you tune in, you will discover more about yourself, you will create healing, flow, AND you will start getting in insight into the very things that will shift you into that IRRESISTIBLE Goddess energy. Presence & alignment is the key!

Let's begin~


This Livestream was in response to the above video not working right away. It addresses moving into the heart for healing and how to re-frame the past to change it's energy and influence on you now and in the future.




Whenever something is coming up, it means it's SUPPOSED to be coming. Trust the process. Lean into your growth. This is powerful stuff here! You are RELEASING so much right now and making space for the newww :)

Embrace the journey, love.

To help you along with this, I'm sharing a BONUS Playsheet that goes into an awesome & transformative process for helping you to release intense emotions, conflict, & resistance of ANY kind.

**hint** there's a MESSAGE in it for you.

**second hint** you go into your BODY to do this.

I used this process when I was feeling intense emotions of betrayal. It allowed me to not only understand what I was feeling, I also uncovered where it came from, released it, and THENNN started attracting crazy cool experiences & relationships afterwards!

Energy work is real ya'll!! Let's go!~~


~When the FEAR is RISING, you feel it in your chest, and have NO IDEA what to do...~

Today's Q&A Bonus comes from a fellow Goddess! It's a powerful question, one in which touches on tuning in to your body, emotions, mind, and SOUL.

I share my answer inside the Playsheet.

Enjoy! ~

Day 13 BONUS

~What to do when your love interest is showing up inconsistently or perhaps...not at all~

Bonus Livestream on how to handle when you come across someone who is hot and cold, or there one day and gone the next.



Letting the masculine lead?!?!

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An insightful response from another Goddess

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