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it is time.

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Hello beautiful, and WELCOME to the official launch of Goddess Vibes 3, class of 2019!

This is INCREDIBLY exciting!!! You are on the verge of experiencing a TRULY soul-shifting, deep-diving, spiritual, emotional, energetic, and psychological program that is going to get you attracting, holding, and basking in DREAM LOVE!

This program teaches you the wisdom to breaking all chains, barriers, and layers that keep you from realizing the magnetic energy that dwells within you right now.

This isn’t just some nice talk.

This program is value-packed with very specific meditations, energy exercises, psychological tools, emotional healing work, and practical steps that WORK really really well.

Since I first launched the original Goddess Vibes, I have continued to see the power of this work only getting BETTER and more effective with every launch. (You can find testimonials from thousands of women around the world all over my site and my social media).

This is now my third installment.

Based on what I’ve seen to be MOST effective for my students, Goddess Vibes 3 has been specially crafted as a SELF-PACED, home-study program with gentle mentorship from me along the way.

>> You will have the videos, journaling work, top-level content, meditations, and psyche development throughout our 4 weeks together to learn everything you need to learn in the privacy of your own home, and at the pace that FEELS right to you.<<

PLUS, I’m including 3 BONUS Livestreams where you will get the chance to speak, learn, and work with me DIRECTLY.

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I’m also adding a very special module to this Goddess Vibes installment.

an in-depth module on Soul Linking.

It covers the details and the practices on real soulmate attraction and heart-to-heart connection.

It’s a highly meditative and introspective module where you will be doing the exact spiritual and energetic practices that I used to call in my soulmate and that I’ve taught countless others for calling in theirs as well as healing existing relationships and awakening their heart centers like never before!

You are an intricately and deeply complex being, beautiful.

It’s time for you to begin understanding and working with the innermost layers of who you really are.

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With Goddess Vibes 3 you will be:

  • Releasing life-time and generational patterns that keep many MANY women from attracting what they secretly desire. Breaking free from patterns of attracting unavailable men, lackluster relationships, dysfunctional relationships, or perpetual states of loneliness.

  • Learning the keys to DESIRE and becoming a MAGNET to mature, masculine, embodied KINGS. Men who step up for you in a way that melts your heart and nourishes your feminine soul.

  • Learning how to drop into your feminine energy; thinking, speaking, communicating, and and loving in a way that inspires men to adore you, chase you, and do anything in their power to KEEP you.

  • Releasing toxic relationship patterns of game-playing or manipulation and, instead, learning how to build a relationship based on freedom, true love, and soul to soul connection.

  • Understanding the mind and heart of a man, what he seeks, what he needs, and what awakens his heart for you that sets you apart from every other woman.

Module 1:

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  • Total heart healing. Healing trauma stored in brain & body. Healing Shame, guilt, and the like. Finding your radiant, magnetic core beneath layers of poor relating patterns, wounding, & trauma. This is unfolding and unraveling and getting back to that natural and healthy place of absolute Self-love.

  • Until you do the journey of healing your heart and finding who you truly are, you’re going to be operating unconsciously underneath layers of reactivity, rejection, and a cultural narrative based more in propaganda than truth. You pick up on so many things that just don’t belong to you. You feel it even if you don’t understand what it is.

  • I teach you the processes that actually work to help you release all this gunk and get you back to YOU.

This is the work women find when they’ve finally realized that they’ve had enough of trying to figure it out on their own. This is the work that I receive rave testimonials about.

When you go through TRUE inner work, when you learn how to reach to your CORE, the depth of your transformation into Goddess energy is so profound that it will having you pull in the HIGHEST and best from everyone around you. This is the foundation for creating not only attraction but nurturing and sustaining a loving and deeply fulfilling relationship and marriage.

Module 2:

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  • This is where the transfiguration, regeneration, re-patterning gets really fun and really obvious.

  • You are going to uncover a side to you that gets everything she wants. That never NOT gets what her heart truly desires.

  • You are going to learn exactly how to tap into your inner goddess.

  • You will never need to pursue, chase, or obsess about a guy AGAIN because the goddess energy is like sweet candy to the masculine soul. Men go weak and move mountains for a woman in her feminine energy.

  • Becoming a living Goddess is about re-discovering your inherent worth, uncovering your stunning soul, and attracting a partner that loves you for it ALL.

  • You will learn the feminine art of communication, saying things that work magic with men, doing the things that stop pushing men away and actually make them want to draw closer to you.

  • This module will teach you how to handle dating in this high-tech world like a Goddess, to include how to handle disappointments, fears of rejection, and the subtle ways in which most women actually sabotage themselves in this stage of the process.

  • You will learn how to nurture yourself like a Goddess. Tending to your life, and being in total peace with perfectly imperfect you, stunning from the inside out.

  • You will learn to believe in true love again and know that this kind of relationship is waiting for YOU!

You deserve all of this and so much more.

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Module 3:

  • Module 3 explores the workings of a man’s mind and heart. The things he needs in place to commit. The importance of timeline alignment, understanding attachment patterns, and how to create the emotional space he needs as a man to open up and fall in love.

  • Learn the difference between Healthy, high-value men vs low-value men.

  • Understanding the different kinds of attraction needed in a relationship.

  • Discover what stage of Masculine Development your partner is in.

  • Come away with an understanding of how the masculine mind is literally designed to support you and your highest well-being.

    This module is especially helpful for you if:

  • you have been struggling to attract and maintain quality relationships. 

  • you find that relationships seem to start off great but very quickly burn out.

  • you have a pattern of feeling insecure and not good enough.

  • you feel like you don't even know where to begin to attract a high-quality, masculine man into your life.

  • you tend to take on the mommy, caretaker, or therapist role in your relationships.


Module 4:

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  • Soulmate attraction. Learn the meditations that will begin to give you downloads, guidance, and epiphanies around the love you are now attracting into your life.

  • Learn how to rearrange the energy in any relationship. Wherever you may feel rejected, neglected, criticized, guarded against, or unseen, there is a way for you to go within, rearrange the energy, and shift old patterns.

  • Begin the work of awakening your different heart centers that send out a very real signal to the universe saying you are ready for deep, soul love.

  • Bask in the energy of RELEASE. Releasing head energy, stress, resistance, and sometimes even excess physical weight. When you learn how to truly surrender to your feminine energy, everything shifts, everything gets easier, and everything begins to naturally and easily align to its highest vibration.

  • Be in the energy of SOUL CONNECTION. Linking with another in way that is FREE, that is open, vulnerable, and authentic. It’s removing yourself from the energy of hard feelings, ill-will, drama, and punishment, and instead vibrating in a place of wisdom and soul recognition.

You will be focusing on the exact INNER WORK that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

You will be coming back to YOU.

Busting all the blocks and accessing your CORE.

Loving and adoring yourself and attracting a DREAM LOVE that adores you, Mind, body, & soul.

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Energy work is real, my love.

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4 Weeks. Self-Paced. Value-packed content.

Advanced Meditations.


Journaling Work.

Pysche development.

3 LIVESTREAMS to gently guide and mentor you along the way.

If this is calling to you, let’s get you started! Sign up by selecting an option below!

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share what has worked for me and countless others. I receive rave testimonials and success stories and believe deeply in this work. However, I’m legally obligated to tell you: I cannot and do not guarantee or warrant results. Experiences of previous students may not be typical for all students.

By enrolling in this course, you agree to my Terms and Conditions.