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It's Who You Are

Today you're going WITHIN. You're looking at the programming you have that has made things normal and acceptable for you. What you truly EXPECT to experience and feel and have is EXACTLY what you will create.

Use the Playsheet to follow along with the video.

..and have fun!


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You Are The Container

Today is alllll about being in your Feminine energy. Moving out of the masculine energy of needing to control, understand, plot, push...let's be honest...struggle. This is about about relinquishing control (dun dun dunnnn).

The thing is, love, you don't have to make anything happen and in fact, you can't. There are too many moving parts to try and hold it all together. You are were born to RECEIVE all the things. You are the container through the which the universe pours all things to and through you. Your cup is being replenished every day.  FILLED TO OVERFLOWING!

Use the Playsheet to dive further into what comes up for you after listening to the audio.  Allow yourself to receive the HIGHEST, most LOVING, and perfect guidance, energy, ideas, inspiration, thoughts, timing, ALL THE THINGS.

You are the container.

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Your Body Holds The Answers

Fun Bonus ~ Louise Hay has excellent information on how you can discover the Spiritual/Energetic reason your body is manifesting in a certain way. It's all connected, love!! Below is a link to the audio version of Louise Hay's book, "You Can Heal Your Life"

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Goddess MAGIC ~ How to be absolutely IRRESISTIBLE

The Feminine power to being irresistible is in your energy.

It's in your heart.

Listen to today's teaching and follow along with the Playsheet to dive in.


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It's SO EASY to create AND manifest your EPIC NEW Story

Helllloo Goddess ~~

Today's lesson is deep. This is the point in time where many of you are going to have that breakthrough moment. That epiphany. That thing that just clicks inside of you, and you get it. You ELEVATE and you manifest like an absolute Goddess.

The power has always been within you. It never left you and never will.

But do you believe...??

Let's explore.

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The Most Powerful Energy EVER!!

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A Goddess just KNOWS she is worthy.


A Goddess INNATELY knows this because that's how she receives it ALL. Here's the thing, you never receive anything you don't feel good about. You never receive anything you don't feel WORTHY to receive.

Let's dive in...

Bonus Releasing/Healing resources mentioned in today's Playsheet.

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Breaking Down The Walls

Today I'm sending you a super, INCREDIBLY powerful mind training game that is FOR SURE going to help you break down any walls of insecurity and fear.

It's gonna open you up.

It's gonna move you into your heart.

To see YOU, fully, with love & deep acceptance.

It is the key to creating relationships that are connected and FELT at the heart and soul level. Super juicy stuff and it's ALLLLL on today's Playsheet.

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Goddess Power Pt 1 ~

COMPELLING the masculine to move towards YOU.

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Tuning In & Generously Receiving Meditation

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Own It, Goddess!!

I love today's topic so much. It's one of those things that we don't often dive into because..well..it stirs all the stuff up.

Owning it. Owning YOU. Stepping out onto your own ledge.

I asked you yesterday to open up energetically to what's inside of you. Now, I'm asking you to actually wrap your head around it and OWN IT. All the things. The big things. The little things. The things you may not even feel ready to own.

And with all that ownage... comes freedom. Deep self-love & acceptance. And nothing less is suitable for a Goddess, would you agree?

Dive in with today's Playsheet and enjoy~

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The High-Value Feminine

Today is some powerful information for you, Goddess. This is the wisdom behind the MINDSET & ENERGY taht is embodied by a HIGH-VALUE, High-Worth, HIGHLY DESIRABLE goddess. It will for sure positively change the energy in your relationships and will improve the kind of relationships you attract.

Goddess energy is POWERFUL~

Listen to today's audio, follow along with the Playsheet, & ENJOY!

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The High-Quality Masculine


Today is super clarifying moment. You are getting a sneak peek into the mysterious world of the Divine Masculine. How does the high-quality, high-value masculine think? What does he soul-desire? How does this dance between the Divine Feminine & Masculine work?

~Let's explore~

Today's teaching comes via your Playsheet. Read, Digest. Journal!

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