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Hi love~

I see you

you were doing your work

alllll year

you’ve been changing, transforming, self-loving the sh*t outta yourself

and you needed to…

it was so good

but now it’s time for you to reap the benefits of all that soul work

because what you must know first and foremost, above all else, is that you are a POWERFUL MANIFESTOR!!

Manifesting everything in every moment

and you have every right, every tool, AND ALL THE ABILITY IN THIS UNIVERSE to manifest your DREAM LIFE!

and specifically

You have the powers and ability to manifest the abundance, luxury, & prosperity that you ACTUALLY desire and deserve. The kind of abundance that would allow you to not only feel fabulous af but help you to show up higher, brighter, & super empowered. Backed with all the resources that allow you to do exactly what you came to this Earth to do.

to be honest

I love teaching how to manifest money because it was a big lesson that I got to learn in this life time.

I learned how to shift from serious scarcity, fear, and struggle with money, to EASE and CONFIDENCE with it.

I had an old story where money felt super hard to attract and hold on to.

I never felt like I deserved the nice things that I really wanted. I always got the cheapest thing and rarely treated myself to a fun outing or girly “luxury”…like… you know... shopping for new clothes!! lol

I would watch my friends get nice clothes, makeup, and have fun hair and nail outings, while I always opted out, feeling like I could never actually afford that stuff.

It was an awful place to be in because everything I really wanted always seemed so hard and out of reach.

When I decided to finally change that story, it was scary as hell! I remember shaking the first time I decided that I could spend more than $30 at the grocery store.

I practiced over and over on rearranging my thoughts and energy around ABUNDANCE.

Returning back to the TRUTH that the universe WANTS abundance for me.

And supports me in having an AMAZING and loving relationship with money.

Fast forward a decade and now I feel like a total badass at manifesting.

Money is stupid simple for me.

it’s actually one of the easiest things to manifest.

And so here’s what I want to tell you about money…

Money, right now, AT THIS VERY MOMENT, is moving at rapid speed all around you. Circulating, renewing, & regenerating every single day

and so

for you to tap into that, all you need to do is reach out and pull it in!

it really is that simple

and depending on where you’re at on the vibrational scale with money, you probably don’t believe me…yet.

FORTUNATELY, I also know a deeper part of you knows this to be true and that part of you is sounding off a call within you right now. It’s pulling your eyes to this information and whispering, “this way!

Once you master your beliefs and energy around money, you will NEVER get trapped in fear around it again. You will be seeing and living your natural and DIVINE abundance pouring into your life over and over and over.

Manifestation badassery!!

it takes focus.

it takes absolute faith

and it takes practice to get it on lock down

How good would it feel to know that, whenever you needed anything, YOU can go back to what you know about manifesting and simply call it in? On repeat.

teach a man to fish…

money honey.png

So this is how the epic Get Yo Money Honey home-study program is going down

You are getting 3+ weeks of MASSIVE value, content, bonus’s, and all the goodies that my live group received.

You are learning how to rearrange and begin manifesting a brand new money story the moment you start!

Learning how to release any old, fearful, lack-minded energy and transform that sh* into pure GOLD.

into luxe

into flow

into ease

and cash money $$

There is nothing that this universe can’t or WON’T give to you

it’s about claiming what you want and knowing how to open up your ENERGY TO it.

Wanna to learn how to do that?

3 weeks of content + Powerful Meditations + Mindset training + Soul Work + BONUS’!

you’re learning how to talk to the parts of your being that are blocking your ability to call in prosperity on repeat.

you’re learning how to evolve your consciousness to the highest of frequencies when it comes to cash flow!

you’re learning how to work with the energy fields around your body to increase your ability to attract wealth AND HOLD ONTO IT.

you’re experiencing a HIGH-LEVEL energy transmission to POWERFULLY magnetize your energy field and start attracting in all sorts of crazy cool stuff!!

people, opportunities, all kinds of new things will begin to pour in for you.

PLUS… I’m teaching a special bonus on how to work with the deepest layers of your psyche to enhance your CONFIDENCE.

releasing fears in your emotional & mental bodies and CELLS that may be holding you back from DIVINE abundance in ALL areas

you will be believing in yourself and your Divine superpowers like never before.

this is an absolute breakthrough program

this program is designed to ELEVATE your energetic code.

move you into the absolute KNOWING and power of your HIGHER SELF.

The breakdown~

money honey.png

3 weeks of Energy & Light Work, deep meditation, Soul-access, clearing, releasing, and OPENING UP YOUR ENERGY to the abundance that is already here.

I’m not teaching you how to get something that doesn’t already exist for you. I’m teaching you how to shift your mind, body, soul into simply RECEIVING IT ALL.

Week 1~

  • You are getting any heavy, wonky, OUTDATED money beliefs OUT OF HERE!

  • Re-programming at the cellular level and making high-level changes in your body and life.

  • TUNING-IN and speaking with the deepest and oldest parts of your psyche that are still living from scarcity, fear, and lack.

  • Rearranging your energy and creating a whole new mind-map filled with prosperity, flow, confidence, and LIGHT.

  • PLUS, and this is so cool, I’m taking you on an inward journey on how to open up your auric field! This is such a key thing. You have to know how to actually open your body, mind, and energy to RECEIVE this stuff, love. Continually & on repeat.

    If you have this weird feeling like there is some kind of invisible ceiling on your prosperity, like you just can’t seem to get beyond a certain point, like the things you really want seem hard and out of reach, you have an energy block! You are creating this! Which means you can UN-CREATE it. seriously.

Learn how to drop the sabotage to your Divine prosperity once and for all.

Week 2 ~

Energy work continues! yayyy :)

  • You are working FIRST-HAND with the energy fields around your body to increase the MAGNETISM in your field.

  • You will then learn how to HOLD onto the energy of prosperity and abundance.

  • PLUS!! I’m doing an awesome bonus teaching on moving into absolute CERTAINTY. Certainty in yourself, your soul, and your DIVINE SUPERPOWERS. Confidence is an energy state that you can tap into right now. You will leave this bonus KNOWING that you are enough.

Week 3 ~

The grand finale. This is an EPIC week.

  • Calling in the cash money on REPEAT! You will be programming your subconscious mind for natural & effortless abundance.

  • You will be tapping into the energy of ZERO LIMITS and calling in anything you want.

  • You are creating a NEW, prosperous IDENTITY that is programmed for wealth and flow.

So many things will begin flowing easily as you evolve your energy and identity.

What you’re RECEIVING in this Program~

INSTANT access to all the recorded Livestreams, deep-diving meditations, and soul-work.

Audio coaching files and Playsheets that step you through the whole process.

ALL ACCESS to the private Members Site where you get to view and download the content whenever you want.. for LIFE!

You can have WHATEVER you want.

This I know.

And IT IS AMAZING when you finally allow this stuff to POUR into your life.

miracles will come out of every corner of this earth to fill your pockets

It’s going to feel like magic but it’s not.

it’s pure vibration


Get in and start getting yo vibes up!

One Full Payment ~ $222

Two Payments ~ $123

(two weeks apart)

all my love~

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share what has worked for me and countless others. I receive rave testimonials and success stories and believe deeply in this work. However, I’m legally obligated to tell you: I cannot and do not guarantee or warrant results. Experiences of previous students may not be typical for all students.

By enrolling in this course, you agree to my Terms and Conditions.