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How To Journal & Code For Massive Success or whatever you want to experience…

Journaling is my #1 way to begin coding new beliefs for me. Coding is about making it done, making it real, making it like…this is how it is because that’s just how it is. Starting now. Of course it’s goingto work out because it that’s just how it’ is. I ALWAYS get what I BELIEVE I will get

get my vibe here?

So for you, for YOUR coding process, try these questions out

  1. What are the fundamental beliefs you are choosing to lock in right now, like this is just how it is. Write them down. Code them now.

  2. What is something you are scared of trying, have been trying to figure out how, or wait for the “perfect” time, or where you’re basically stopping your flow that you are now CHOOSING to release/surrender/detach from the outcome.

    My journaling samples

Journals ~ Code.JPG

Some of my fave codes from today’s jouranling sesh ~

  • Everything I could ever need, desire, and require, and BEYOND is insanely, MAGNETICALLY, irresistably, pulled into my field, into my life.

  • My life is programmed to continuously and always get better, more fullfilling, bigger.

  • I am coded for absolute wealth.

  • My body continues to bring in more light.

  • Thank you God for my incredible success.

  • I am coded for massive success.

  • All things are (magnetically) pulled towards me.

  • I have incredible magnetism.

  • Everyone loves me in my power.

  • I am coded to shine.

  • Everything I say and do is perfect.

  • I am incredibly in tune with Spirit.

Towards the end, I use the vibration of gratitude to not only call what I want in but to make it ALREADY done. Gratitude for what you want as if it’s already done is powerful! Gratitude is an incredibly powerful vibe.

day 14.png


PLUS! More Journal Coding samples for you ~


Notice with today’s coding session is that I started off just tuning in and getting my energetic temperature.

I journaled out exactly what I was feeling as it shifted and moved through me. This is something that you must train yourself to do at any given moment because this is your current energetic signature (the codes you’re running) and it is exactly what will be manifesting around you.

Once you discover where you’re at, you now have a choice…what do you want?

I decided to begin coding myself for confidence and wealth…and good lawds, did I start feeling that energy move through as I kept going. :)

The better it gets, the better it gets. The easier it gets, the easier it gets.

Enjoy coder!!


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