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5. incredible. POTENT. transformative days. Learning the Spiritual Laws of Relationships. Diving deep into your SOUL. Revealing what is going on in your vibration in regards to love. Learning how to embody, radiate, & MAGNETIZE Divine Love.

This is an INCREDIBLE program.

Congrats for finding your way here! You are now ready.

I know you're here because you are TRULY ready to call in your Divine Match. You've had your experiences, relationships, lessons... your journey. The ups and downs.

The love and the heartbreak.

Some good. Some...meh.

All important.

because now you're here, commanding, saying "I'm ready for the REAL DEAL."

If you're willing to look within.

If you're willing to change

To become vulnerable.

This program is for you.


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There is nothing quite as captivating, magical, profound, and ENLIGHTENING as going deep, deep deep, into the depths of WHO YOU REALLY ARE with ANOTHER human.

Cultivating a Divine Partnership

A relationship of true connection. Mind, Body. Soul

A relationship where you are seen, heard, LOVED, prioritized, & cherished.

A partnership where both people are not only wanting the same thing but ready to give and receive it.

In this 5 day, Home-Study Intensive you not only get 5 potent & energy-packed LOVE Guided Meditations, you get the training, the Inner Work practices, & all the bonus's to help you understand what is really going on within you. What needs to shift in order for you to call in True Love.

This is the REAL work, love.

Divine, Magnetic, Soulmate, Love includes

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...that go a lil sumtin' like this:

Day 1 ~Wholeness~ coming back to you.

Aligning with your soul.

Connecting with your Source, your power, your essence.

Remembering who you are really are.

Letting everything fade away.

It's about releasing, forgiving, surrendering, and returning home

Returning to WHOLENESS. Returning to the vibration of True Love.

With this Module, you will:

  • Learn the VERY FIRST Spiritual Law of Relationships
  • Get crystal clear on the lessons that each experience taught you. 
  • Move/vibrate into your next-level for love. 
  • Be embodying the energy that makes you IRRESISTIBLY MAGNETIC to your Divine Partner.

This is going to be one of the most healing modules ever. You will be feeling yourself in a whole new way.

Day 2 ~ Getting EVERYTHING you desire in your relationship

You are going full throttle with this Module!

You are getting in touch with your POWER and the pizzazz!!The romance! The seduction.

You're going to dive deep into the energy and mindset that is all about ATTRACTION, allure, sensuality, and fun! mmmmhmmmm, baby love! You will learn how to use the Spiritual Laws of Relationship to get all that you desire in your Divine Partnership.

With this Module, you will:

  • Go deep into the SECOND Law of Relationship
  • Learn how to embody the energy of the Goddess
  • Turning on ALLLL the love magnets!

Love is SUPPOSED to be easy. You were never meant to force it. It was always meant to come to you, constantly, easily, naturally.

This module is all about stepping into your Goddess power and allowing the universe to deliver what you really desire.

DAY 3 ~ Achieving Intimacy & Soul-Connection

This module is all about helping you to create true intimacy and connection with your beloved.

You will discover the most important thing to know and practice to be in a space to fully receive another person.

You will learn how to become open for anther to fully receive you.

The truth is, opening up to another at this level can be terrifying. Fears of being hurt, abandoned, or rejected often keep us from going all in. Loving someone this deeply is not only courageous, it's one of the best and most fulfilling experiences you can have in this life.  

With this module, you will:

  • Learn the THIRD Law of Relationship
  • Learn how to communicate from a place of love, stability, and truth.
  • Understand how to tap into another at an emotional and telepathic level.
  • Cultivate the energy that allows your love to feel safe and open up to you.
  • Learn how to be heard and seen in a relationship.
  • Develop the confidence to be just as you are, knowing you are so WORTHY and deserving of all the love and adoration.

True Intimacy/connection is the juice of a Divine Partnership. Learn how to truly be in an open space to receive and love another as they receive and love you.

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Day 4 ~ Transmuting the and old once and for all;

This is the part of the course where you are going to look under the surface.

What's really going on in there, love?

Because we all gots some shhtuff.

HOWEVER...we all don't recognize that we gots the shtuff.

But we all have it and it's A-OK and super important to look at it so you can redirect the energy towards what you want.

With this Module, you will:

  • Learn the FOURTH Law of Relationship
  • Uncover all the shtuff
  • Work with the shtuff, re-program it, TRANSFORM it!
  • Elevate into a higher frequency.

The truth is that you are a powerful creator. If you do not have the Passionate, Soul-Connected, Magical, Divine Partnership you seek, there is a reason. There is always a reason.

This module will help you to look under the surface, find out why, get clarity on how to best move forward, and know without a shadow of a doubt that you can absolutely have what you want. (confidence, baby!!)

Day 5 ~ Calling in your Divine Partner!

This is the ultimate attraction ceremony.

You connecting soul-to-soul

You're merging the energies

You doing all the fun energy/woo-woo/magical stuff that we KNOW IS REAL. COME ON PEOPLE! This stuff is crazy powerful.

With this Module, you will:

  • Learn the FIFTH & FINAL Law of Relationship
  • Call-In True Love
  • Shift everything.
  • Leave feeling like you are a on a could of rainbows, magic, and love candy.


ALLLL of this with Meditations, Training, Soul-Diving Inner Work, and my surprise BONUS'S to include the CULT-FAVORITE, Soul Linking Part 1~

This is a jam-packed, super HIGH-VALUE Program.

So, what do ya say? You ready to dive in?

Let's get you started right now. Click below

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