Personalized Meditations are of the highest-quality, made-from-scratch, and tailored to you.

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You truly are gifted in what you do. The Personal meditation you created for me IS PERFECT!!!!!! Your voice is soothing and creates the perfect atmosphere for my meditation. You are so precise in CREATING the personal meditation specifically for my needs and desires.

I have listened to this meditation everyday for three weeks and I still get Euphoric after each listening. I will definitely be asking you to create another for me. You are truly gifted. Thank you so much!!
— Michael Bonanno

You and I will work together to create the perfect script, music sequencing, and special effects for an optimal meditation experience. Every part of this meditation is built specifically for you.

Meditation samples

Sample of Personalized Meditation

Sample of a Binaural Personalized Meditation (Use with headphones)

Sample of a Binaural Meditation with Subliminal Messaging (use w/ headphones)

Sample different styles of music to see which you are most drawn to. If you would like to use one of these particular songs, just let me know and I'm happy to include it. 




Deep Trance

Thank you Madeline, I absolutely love my meditation. It arrived just before I was going to turn my light out for the night, so it was perfect timing (as most things seem to be these days, even if I don’t realise it at the time) and I fell asleep listening to it
— Nicola McLeod

You tell me the exact affirmations you want to hear in your meditation.

Meditations are around 30 minutes in length.

Personalized Meditation

Get the VIP experience of having Madeline work with you to design your very own personalized meditation. Your meditation will be tailored to include all of your music, affirmation, and FX preferences. 

Once you purchase, Madeline will be in contact with you within 1-2 business days to begin the design process. The creation process takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks.

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The value of your own personalized meditation is immeasurable. Not only are you receiving something that is tailored to your specific needs and desires but it's a specialized product that does not diminish with time. Several days and much love go into the crafting of each meditation that is yours to keep forever. It's like getting an energetic massage any time you want. 

Hi Madeline,

Thank you so much for the personalized meditation. I have been excitedly waiting for it to come through, it felt like Christmas! Your voice is absolutely beautiful and always had such a calming effect on me since I discovered your meditations on YouTube. The music you use compliments it beautifully and the whole meditation takes me to a new dimension.

I use the meditation regularly now before I go to bed each night and it has simply transformed my sleep and my life! Cannot thank you enough and the amazing work you do in this world!
— Yael Rose