Hi gorgeous ~


So here's the thing when it comes to dating a confident, healthy, conscious, masculine man, you will NEVER be left feeling confused, unsure, or stuck when a masculine man wants a relationship to move forward.

Masculine energy is allll about hunting, leading, and pushing forward.

If you are in the early stages of dating someone and you're unsure of how he feels or wondering where this thang is going, OR (and especially) if you're trying to put the pieces together from "signs" or reading too much between the lines......

"But the wayyyy he said that, I think he really likes me..."

"He just liked my pic! I should text..."

You are now moving into masculine energy. You are living off of relationship breadcrumbs.

This is how mannnnyy women end up wasting so much time, energy, resources, and heartache for a man who was never fully committed. This is also how we energetically repel a masculine man away from us.

If you feel confused, unsure, or stuck in a relationship, this is the critical moment where you release the urge to push harder in the relationship and INSTEAD let your beautiful self relax into your open and receptive feminine energy. Take the pressure off needing to fix, or chase, or figure out anything. Use this time, instead, to nourish yourself.

Get back into your Goddess energy.

How a Goddess energetically pulls a masucline man back in is by focusing on her essence. She does what she needs to for herself so she can show up in her WHOLENESS, her radiance, and her confidence, while completely enjoying the ride.

Beautiful, it is NOT your job to control this thang.

or push it forward.

The masculine energy is the one who will be consistently moving the relationships forward with a clear vision, desire, and push to get there.

So until that's happening loud and clear, don't assume.

Don't fill in the gaps.

keep yourself open to other amazing, high-quality, masculine men, ones that will be MORE THAN happy to step up and fill in the gaps where this man is falling short.

Keep your options open until the right one asks to be your only option.

Feminine energy brings the life, the spirit, the warmth, and the radiance into a relationship. She is the heart and soul, SHE is the prize. A healthy, conscious, high-quality, masculine man instinctively desires to honor, cherish, and protect that gem and he will do so by giving CLEAR words and actions that SHOW his true intentions.

You will never have to rely on breadcrumbs, love.

Relax into your gorgeous feminine essence and watch as you begin pulling amazing masculine partners out from every corner of this Earth.

You are absolutely radiant~

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