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Clearing ~ Healing ~ Releasing ~ & Returning to LOVE

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What is your feminine energy?


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Becoming an energetic match NOW

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calling in your king ~ affirmation rampage

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powerful questions from the LIVE Goddess 2.0 group

Q: What to do when a man is promising to see you/date you but is not initiating or showing up hot & cold.

A: This is the perfect opportunity to practice being in goddess energy. You will be amazed to see how this changes everything...whether with this guy or someone even better.

First step is to create space. Create that void. It isn't your job to convince him, to fix the situation, or to pick up his slack.

Take that pressure off your shoulders. There is nothing you have to do right now.

If you are the one initiating contact, you are in chasing/masculine energy and this will energetically repel a man no matter how attracted or connected they are to you.

What he really needs from you right now is your feminine energy. I know it isn't easy, but just relax and watch what happens. Bring your energy/focus back to you, back to what would uplift you, nourish you, make you feel vibrant/radiant/beautiful. Observe the situation with an open heart, ease up on your expectations, and create that void.

Create space and let him come to YOU.

Everything shifts when you move into your feminine.

Q: Can I ask for some level of communication/response even as a friend if the man has disappeared?

A: If a man is backing away, this is the time to give him space. When we fix/chase/pursue a man, we are in masucline/hunting energy. When we try to control these situations, it is primarily because we are disconnected from our Feminine power and are allowing fear and desperation to take the wheel.

Your most powerful response to this situation is to do nothing at all. No games, not chasing, but creating space and focusing all your gorgeous energy on YOU and using it to create abundance in your life, connecting with more people & new experiences. Let him feel the void of your absence. If he’s the right man, he will step up. If he doesn’t have what it takes and is not stepping up, he’s not the masculine man for you. Keep this space open for a high-quality man who is passionate, devoted, and sees you as the high-value, highly-desirable goddess that you are!

Q: When you want to stay high-vibe but are surrounded or forced to interact with low-vibe people.

A: As a powerful manifestor, I would first begin by journaling/calling in/asking the universe to release the people you don’t vibe with and bring in people that you do.

Second, surround yourself with light. I love playing with light, it works!

Third, ask the universe to help you see the situation differently and/or learn the lesson. This may be a time for you to practice courage, create boundaries, etc. Trust that everything that is happening is always happening for you and not against you.

Fourth, the key here is focus. Start practicing the art of ignoring and do your best to focus on you and what you are needing in any given moment.

Lastly, you don't need to stay around these people if it doesn't feel right to you. Allow people to figure things out for themselves. If you are constantly trying to fix or save people, you are actually disempowering them and conditioning them to be dependent on you.

Q: I'm wanting to let my ex go, I know I don't want him back but my mind keeps going back to him and there are heavy feelings of grief/sadness. How do I move through this?

First, give yourself MAJOR props for doing the work! For leaning into this work, for sitting with the emotions, and for opening up to forgiveness. After you've done the awareness/healing work, your next step is to begin opening yourself up to new people, masculine energy, experiences, and friendships.

Right now, you need to nourish yourself. A lot of your focus is being given to him. On forgiving him, on letting go of him, and now I want you to bring all of that gorgeous energy back to you. What is it you need? What would make you happy? Maybe going out in nature, taking a yoga class, or opening yourself up to dating and meeting new people, and especially healthy masculine energy. As you expose yourself to more and more stable, healthy, High-Quality men, the less you will feel tied/attached/bothered by the past. Continue to do the healing work but also focus your energy on the amazing future and dream relationship you are now moving towards.