Ares & Aphrodite

It has been written in the stars

A dream love of passion, romance, strength, purpose, and undying devotion.

It is the exact kind of relationship you have been supernaturally DESIGNED for.

it’s the relationship we all feel a pull, a nudge, and a calling towards…

and yet…

it eludes us.

and we don’t even know why.

What if I told you that you hold the power to create this dream relationship?

….And that there are unique keys to awakening a man’s heart & spirit.

What if I told you that you could learn how to have a top-caliber man feeling like he could never afford to lose you?

There are specific qualities in you, my feminine woman, that innately call to the masculine man. That move him, compel him, enchant him, have him falling head over heels in love, and in panic at the thought of ever losing you.

There are certain qualities that a woman in her radiant, goddess energy possesses. Specific words she uses, a confident mindset that indwells in her, and a way that she lives that attracts dream love to her naturally.

This isn’t fairy-tale stuff, this is the by-product of a woman who is spiritually, energetically, emotionally and psychologically healthy & EMPOWERED.

A woman who understands the mind and heart of a man, and has learned how to actually do relationships in a way that fulfills her, nourishes her deeply, and supports her.

I trust myself. I am enough as I am..png

The thing to begin understanding is that men’s brains and bodies are designed differently than women’s.

The reasons for what motivates us, what excites us, what has us falling in love, and our inner journey to commitment are different.

When you understand this, when you learn how to be in relationship with a man, you become a master at attracting love and increasing passion.

Men go wild for a woman who knows exactly how to connect with his deep, masculine soul. A woman who is grounded in her juicy feminine energy, and rich, healthy, emotional world.

There are specific things you are both seeking and needing. When we don’t learn this, when we have been raised in an environment and cultural narrative of dysfunction and poor-relating, we fall into toxic patterns of shadow behavior:

  • hyper-reactivity

  • push-pull dynamics

  • game-playing, silent treatment, using feminine wiles to manipulate

  • over-functioning/over-texting/clingy/desperate behavior out of fear of losing him

  • pressuring him

  • emotional melt-downs

  • emasculation/trying to put him in his place and force him to see the error in his ways

  • closing off our heart

  • giving up our needs and desires to appease him

  • not having strong boundaries or self-esteem out of fear of being left

  • hopelessness and believing that your future is forever lost without this relationship

  • heartbreak and pain caused by a dysfunctional relationship

And we have ALL been there at one-time or another. All of us have had the opportunity to learn many love lessons along our path.

but I can tell you with absolute conviction that if any of these are a recurring pattern for you, it is time to do the inner work.

the heart work

the soul work

and it is time to educate yourself.

To truly understand the heart and mind of a man so you can connect with him in a way no one else can.

Welcome to the Ares & Aphrodite 3-Day Masterclass Home-Study, gorgeous!

This is a value packed Homestudy Course where you are getting instant access to my 3 Day Masterclass Series. In this series, you will be discovering exactly how to attract & cultivate a DREAM RELATIONSHIP. You are learning the TOP qualities, patterns, language, behavior, mindset, & energy of an irresistible GODDESS. The Aphrodite. The sensual, loving, & radiant siren who draws the masculine powerfully to her, awakening his heart and igniting his desire.

You get instant access to the Masterclass Videos + Meditations + Special Content

You will be learning:

~the things a woman needs to fully open up her heart and body to love & masculine energy

~what a man is seeking and needs to fall in love and commit

~how to know if you’re in the right relationship with a top-quality man who is commitment ready.

~how to create SOUL LOVE and be fulfilled on all levels in your relationship

~what it means and what to do if you feel him falling away

~the things men love MOST about women

~the subconscious contracts we make with each other

~what a man NEEDS to commit for LIFE

~how to attract a Soul-Mate

This Masterclass is the FULL PICTURE for the woman who is ready for real, true, SACRED LOVE.

This is the path that will breakthrough the misinformation & misconceptions we hold about men and relationships and take you straight into the path to a man’s heart and a lifetime of love.

You will emerge from this training empowered, enlightened, and in that irresistible Goddess energy that men walk to the ends of the Earth for.

I trust myself. I am enough as I am..png

ready to learn the secrets to a man’s heart? Let’s go, baby!

One Payment ~ $55

Two Payments (biweekly) $33

I trust myself. I am enough as I am..png